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Jason Sauer

Pittsburgh, PA


I am a "Pittsburgh 40 Under 40" winner, gallery owner, and demolition derby champion, who uses painting to address an old idea: the nature of American identity. I juxtapose nudes with custom-cut painted metal to explore this theme. I have a Master’s degree in fine art, with a focus on Printmaking including the dying art form of Stone Lithography. Metal from my demolition derby cars, oil pastels, paint, and printmaking are all part of my three dimensional artworks. I choose an image to influence the process, develop the idea of what I am feeling and create a new image. I find the relationship between the twisted metal and the printed material best express my vision. I use the demolition derby as my personal American identity. The entire process is a form of folk art for me. Each year for 17 years concurrent a car is chosen, painted , taken on tour, and displayed at the art gallery I own and operate in Pittsburgh, Most Wanted Fine Art. Over the Labor Day holiday, I enter it in the Great Stoneboro Fair, in Mercer County. The demolition derby its self sells out each year to roughly 6,000 people. I drive the painted car and smash it into other participating cars then use its pieces in other works that usually center around love letters from home. I find this folk/performance art to be a reflection of “love relationships”. A reminder of Death is a reminder of Love.


I am inspired by community service and family! People who help their communities and this country are very important. The dedication of volunteers is profound. Were as family is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.


I think RAW is an awesome oppurtunity for artists. I am looking forward working with members from other cities and networking to build a stronger art community. I have seen first hand that art can transform community and culture.


i enjoy my family and friends. They are my life. I also really enjoy driving in demolition derbies. Where we enter a automobile in an areana and compeat in a competition. The winner is the last car still running after multiple crashes into other cars. This is some of my artistic identity. I also make paintings about these experiences, along with mixed media paintings of my travels with this art car!