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Long Beach, CA

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Hi everyone! I'm JennyB & I'm a Professional/Freelance Make-Up Artist based in South Orange County. I'm just a regular girl who loves makeup! I genuinely want to make every woman look and feel as beautiful on the outside, as they do on the inside. I am a fun, bubbly person and I love meeting new people and creating new idea as well as having fun in the process. My love for Makeup started when I was a young girl playing with my moms makeup and playing dress up in her clothes. I've loved it ever since. I've always been very creative and intersted in all different types of art; painting, drawing, writing, and anything I can create with my hands. I am primarily a self taught Make-up Artist but I have studied with the amazingly talented Kandee Johnson, who is well known in the industry, and Liz Dion who has worked for MAC for over 6 years and on the MUA team at Blizzard. I love experimenting with new products, different colors and textures and working with a diverse range of people. I love the moment when my work is finished and the person sitting in my makeup chair sees themselves in the mirror for the first time. It's always so rewarding to see their inner beauty shine when they feel beautiful on the outside. Their transformation is indescribable. This is why I am a Makeup Artist. "You were born an original, don't die a copy." -John Mason xoxo-JennyB

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Life, people,the ocean and vintage clothing. I love classic cars and the lines that crisscross on the golden gate bridge. I draw inspiration from all things :)

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My Friends, Family and amazing Husband. Thier support is what keeps me going.

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