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Jessica Flatt

Seattle, WA

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My name is Jessica Flatt, I am from Cheney, Wa, where I have lived my whole life and currently reside. I have graduated form Spokane Falls Community College with my AAS in Photography. I am a fine art, landscape, and conceptual artist. My work is all about the dreams I imagine and the places I have traveled to. I have this crazy obsession with ink pens, color pencils, crayons, markers, paint, and anything else that you can create art with.

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What inspires me are people and places I have met and seen, the unknown, being able to create something magical out of nothing, History and learning about new things. The most inspirational thing of all would have to be my mom. The way she is inspired by life, her kindness toward everything and everyone. Her strength is the most inspirational part about her.

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Having a place where you combined all forms of art in one location is amazing and what I love about Raw.

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Life makes my world go round. My family and friends, the ability to travel, and create art the way I choose. Photography in all forms.