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Joe Enright

San Francisco, CA

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I am a San Francisco native and fine artist, my passion is photography but in my spare time I like to paint. I have always loved art and when I discovered photography I realized that it is the same as any other art process, light and imagination are my brushes and my concept and subject are my canvas. I like to create images that you can get lost in, where you can't help but stare at them or want to touch them. These visual creations are created using all of my own photography, sometimes between 15-40 images.

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Many things inspire me, color, texture, layers, emotion, but most of all imagination. I like to tap into whatever creative resources I can and to my best ability create the things I see in my mind. Art is an endless universe of creation and with that in mind I am always looking to reinvent my own work allowing it to evolve as I do. Some of my favorite artists are Ruth Bernhard, Salvador Dali, and Herb Ritts.

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I think that having a network of up and coming artists is brilliant. Surrounding yourself in other creative energy is always nourishing for any artist, we feed off creativity and can definitely learn from one another. One of the things I miss the most about school is the network of friends and artists that I had on a daily bases, and this is another form of that in a way. Spreading the work and creativity from one city to the next allows for us to learn and expand our own ideas from people that we have never met physically. So I am grateful for RAW and their program because it helps connect artists and viewers on a global scale, which if we aren't sharing our art then what are we creating it for. I believe that art is meant to be shared and viewed by anyone and everyone, and having a site that helps facilitate this is amazing. Thank You RAW

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There are many things that make my world go round, some of the most important ones are the city I live in, my partner, friends, and music. I love the vibe and life that you can feel in the city, and with some good music in my head I go out and about to capture the things I see and then work on creating them in my own style.

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