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Denver, CO

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JoFoKe (Joslyn Ford-Keel), a native of Denver, Colorado, is fabled to have been born with microphone in-hand. She was raised immersed in performing and worship artistry by her classically trained jazz pianist father and choir director mother. This eclectic artist grew up active in music, theater and dance but, perhaps the greatest impressions were left when she was given a chance to “sit-in” with her family’s bands, vocal groups and orchestras. Possessor of a Bachelors of Arts degree in Music, JoFoKe (pronounced: Joh-Foh-Kee) has been trained in vocal and piano techniques such as jazz, classical, soul, gospel and Negro spirituals and, as a result, her compositions are an eclectic art form of their own. As a teen, JoFoKe emerged on the Colorado music scene she was quickly dubbed a chameleon because of her sophisticated ear, attention to detail, and ability to effectively adapt her sound to most sounds and styles of music. A former Fisk University Jubilee Singer ™ (Nashville, TN), JoFoKe renders a unique, youthful artistry infused with spoken word and many genres of music including soul, classical, rock and Christian music. She calls it “Life Music”. Currently, JoFoKe is a highly sought after vocalist, consultant, clinician, songwriter and arranger. Her passionate delivery, personal testimonies, poetic styling and energy produce a distinct and refreshing experience for all “within reach”. Catch up & keep up with JoFoKe :

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I love that RAW provides an exhibition avenue for independent artists.... Lord knows we need it!

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