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Joseph Allen White

Orlando, FL

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Joseph Allen White is a new breed of singer/songwriter, with “new” being the imperative word. Remarkably, White took his first guitar lesson in March of 2008, wrote his first song in December of 2009, released his debut album ‘Things Change’ in January 2011, performs live, and continues to write and record new music. White is also a living, breathing example of how sometimes the greatest moments in life come out of the bitterest of personal circumstances. In July 2009, three days before his 8-year wedding-anniversary, Joseph found out that his wife had been having an affair. In a moment, his marriage was over and his life was going to take on an entirely new direction. He poured every spare moment into improving his guitar skills, “hoping” that one day he’d be able to play and sing at the same time; and it wasn’t very long before he was doing just that. He would write his first song only 4 months later. White has spent the last 2 years building a solid reputation in Central Florida as a performing singer/songwriter and was recently invited to Nashville to play his songs for Music Row Publishers at the World Famous Bluebird Café! And there’s no sign of slowing down now. With his next album ‘Crash Course’ already half-way complete and his songs catching more and more industry attention, Joseph Allen White most definitely looks to be here to stay (and he’s really only been “here” for less than two years)!

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Life... and all of the crazy adventures it brings.

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Giving local artists a platform for sharing their art... Pretty cool!

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My family, friends, my wife and our baby son Payton... Oh, and I don't know what I'd do without the creative outlet of making music.

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