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Jack Pollack

New Orleans, LA

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As a traveling furniture representative, I have been developing and using my sense of photographic composition practically to capture ideal room settings that sell the furniture. My photography has been successfully used by various manufacturers. About five years ago, I showed some "non-commercial" shots to a gallery-owner friend. She immediately wanted them showing at her gallery! Since then, I have had a gratifying run, evolving an interest in the use of light and reflections, using a camera as a pallete and brush to blur the lines between photography and impressionistic or surrealistic art. When I shoot a reflection in a window, I look to capture something from within and something from without as a harmonious blend. The results have been joyous! I have also been working to capture the spirit of the new Renaissance taking place in my beloved New Orleans, a place of inspiration historically and currently for artists, musicians, film-makers and lovers of life itself!

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As mentioned, the people who are working hard to perfect their art in New Orleans are together creating an inspirational culture which, I believe, is of historic proportions. I am inspired by the subtle wit of Botticelli and Dali, the color of Klee, the photographic artistry of Garry Winogrand and Shelby Lee Adams, all of these and more inspire me. Also:I love jazz! My almost namesake, Jackson Pollock, drew inspiration from the Be-Bop era of jazz. I hope I bring a kind of jazz of my own to my photographic images.

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I have always taught my kids to "make a difference" on the planet...with the understanding that the people they touch and inspire will benefit in ways that they (my kids) cannot fully imagine while in the moment. I believe that excellent art and excellent music provide an inspirational connection between the presenter and the recipient. If I can touch a soul in some way with words or images, I will have changed that soul in some way. This is what RAW is able to do as an entity providing inspiration for artists, great art for people, and events where they can meet and produce a creative synergy. Thank you, RAW!!

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I am fortunate to be the father of two wonderful daughters who are each making the world a better place. My son-in-laws, one current and one soon-to-be, add joy to the mix and my astonishingly beautiful grandchildren make me grateful to have a small role in their creation. I travel throughout the South, teach religious school (this year as a sub), volunteer within the community and live a large busy life.But grooving (remember that word?) to the music while photographing the gig...this makes my heart race! The response from the musicians, their managers, and the fans has been gratifying!