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Jenna Dettman

San Diego, CA

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I am a free-spirited lover of this crazy world. I moved to San Diego from Austin on a whim after graduating in August 2011 with a degree in fashion. I have always been artsy and creative and since moving to San Diego just find myself painting.. constantly. I also enjoy photography and mixed media art, but for now I'm all about collected chaos in Acrylics and gloss broken up by a bit of geometric shapes.

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A blank canvas is the most exciting part of creating. I am inspired by endless possibilities and digging into my imagination. Color, lights, patterns and music inspire me most of all.

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I love that RAW connects local artists in a big, collaborative, exciting way. Bringing together new artists who create all different art forms inspires cross-inspiration if you will. Brilliant.

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Relationships, places and spontaneity. I have a vibrant spirit and love sharing it with the world in unique, original ways. I find excitement in the unknown and love taking it on.