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Kaitlin Newman

Baltimore, MD

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I'm a 23-year-old burrito loving photojournalist with a passion for photographing people. I love all types of photography, especially the type that allows me to capture raw emotion and gives me the ability to tell someone's story. I've been shooting for a few years and am in my senior year at Towson University where I am studying Mass Communication. This year, this past August actually, I started shooting for The Baltimore Sun as an intern. I love it and I'm so grateful to be able to learn from those who have a lot to teach me. It's been challenging but I feel like I've grown so much in this short year both in my photo skills and understanding of the world. Most of my journalism work can be found on my website, there was no way I could only pick five photos because all journalism photos are part of a story; if I only showed you one or two I feel like I'd be cheating you. I primarily shoot digital but my passion for photography is grounded in film. Aside from journalism, I love putting together creative concepts of whatever weird idea my mind conjures up. I also run a little film blog called 120Pearls that holds the title of Maryland's Best New Blog for 2012 that discusses vintage cameras and how to use them.

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People inspire me everyday. Awkwardness, emotion, the ugly, the beautiful, the odd, the strange, the things that make you look (and think) twice inspire me.

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I think RAW is amazing for giving artists a place to expose themselves amongst each other and the world. Art is so important and it's commendable to keep it moving forward, we need something like RAW to keep us on track and to keep us sharing, seeing and showcasing new art.

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New cultures, new life lessons, having an existentialist crisis every now and then. But mostly just people that I meet on a daily basis who offer me new insight on a world I always think I know but always find out I never do.

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