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Pittsburgh, PA

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I am a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2007). I achieved my BFA in Studio Art, focusing on Painting and Print Media. My work is a mix of colorful abstractions and a series of graphic black and white bottle drawings I am calling Home-Bar Art. I make wearable art prints out of wooden BANGles and metal cuffs that I have designed and crafted into artfully unique jewelry.

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Although abstracted, much of my subject matter and influences steam out of seemingly mundane cooking items such as produce like root vegetables or the netting of a brussel sprout bag. Also, bottles and other cooking tools I use everyday. I like to let beautiful color combinations inspire me along with patterns, knots, and/or groupings of things such as bulbs or seeds. I look to pastry chefs for inspiration and love over the top dinning table displays and other stimulating things like gaudy chandeliers. Wood paneling is my favorite blank canvas because I love to see a discarded item with new life. Texture is good and I love a rough surface or an already started start to something! I have been told that my work has a feminine graffiti harshness to it, and I liked that!

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I love my RAW experience. It is great exposure and a network of creativity!

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Food, good wine and cocktails! Yoga, Painting and Drawing... Traveling, reading and growing homemade things like Kim Chi, Kombucha and sprouts!

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