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Columbus, OH

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"I am Lara Alsoudani, a Proud Arab Woman. A lover of art, food, culture, and sports. I create according to what I believe in, and communicate my art hoping for others to become motivated for better. I am inspired by anything that encourages me to give more, love more, and strive to become a better person. I am a Co-founder of an organization called Tribal Affairs:, that stands for "Uniting communities through on common grounds in order to artistically inspire them so they can evolve into influential individuals to positively change the world." and also the owner & designer at of KOKOSHAE jewelery, which is a hand crafted contemporary jewelery line assembled from exotic woods, fabrics, paints, and other materials. I am a currant student at the Columbus College of Art & Design majoring in Advertising & Graphic Design and minoring in Copywriting." Kokoshae's culture: Kokoshae Jewelry represents the woman who excepts todays contemporary lifestyle, yet, still holds on to traditions. A balance between organic and geometric artistic influences have merged together elements ranging from some of the rarest exotic woods, to fabrics from around the world, all of which are used to enhance a woman's natural beauty and essence. Kokoshae displays work from exceptional artisans that hold the highest commitment in creating handmade unadulterated jewelry, along with a keen eye focused on making each piece a one of a kind. *photo credit [rachel joy photos]

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Art, ethnic culture, dance, spoken word, good hearted people, giving back to the community.

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It is very diverse and very fresh. Talent doesn't have to be taught to work, RAW artists are naturals at what they do.

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My art studio, my family, my Beb, & good food (basically hummus!)

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