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KZ Ford

Tucson, AZ

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I am a recenent University of Arizona graduate. I started my jewelry company in June of 2012 and currently sell it at Zoe Boutique on 4th Ave. and Swindlers on University. I love owning my own business and hope to expand to other markets in the near future. I have a passion for fashion and love to make pieces that make a woman feel beautiful. My jewelry is all made of 14kt gold and is delicate enough to layer or spice up any outift.

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I am inspired by things that make me happy. I like to design for the everyday woman, mainly targeting college students and those who want or have an amazing sense of style. I would never make or sell something that I was not passionate about. I am constantly inspired everyday to design new and innovative pieces.

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My favorite thing to do is anything adventurous. I am a complete adrenaline junky and will try anything once.

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My family is my backbone and my main support. I am so lucky to have their backing in all apsects of my life and I owe the world to them.

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