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Honolulu, HI


Aloha mai kākou, My name is Lenei and I am a Hawaiian cultural practitioner, educator, and jewelry designer/creator/artist. I make jewelry that is influenced by beautiful ocean and land-life. I handpick all my adornments (besides pearls) from the beaches of Hawai‘i nei and never take live animals. My background is in art, but I took a hiatus for the last 5 years to teach in public intermediate school and at a Hawaiian charter school. My passion is Hawaiian culture and making things. I try to practice my culture everyday by creating adornments as my kūpuna did, and offering them to kama‘āina for a fraction of the price. It is important the Hawaiians and locals have equal access to resources and that we perpetuate our culture and traditions of our ancestors daily.


I am inspired by the āina and oceans of Hawai'i nei. I like to collaborate with local artists as well as local people to create beautiful pieces that are dreamed up.


I am so excited to be a part of RAW because it focuses on local places, people, and events in order to keep art alive, new, innovative, and within the local community.


Learning and living Hawaiian culture is my number one priority. Everyday I strive to learn and do what my ancestors did. My ‘ohana, the ocean, health, and building relationships and taking care of people is very important to me.