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Lyndsay Michelle

Orange County, CA


Lyndsay Michelle is a Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist with an extraordinary eye for detail. She got her start in the beauty industry while attending Paul Mitchell the School Costa Mesa (she is still currentlying attending; set to graduate in October 2013) and CAMMUA. Lyndsay's love for hair and makeup stems back to childhood. Inspired by such artists as Kevyn Acoin, Max Factor, Jean Paul Dejoria, and Angus Mitchell, Lyndsay was compelled and practically bursting at the seams to learn the required skills to start expirementing with bold new industry trends. While educating herself, she fearlessly threw herself into assignments to gain practical work experience and an understanding for how important it is to collaborate with her clients. Lyndsay’s expertise lies in creating a timeless look that photographs/films beautifully. From chic and contemporary to over the top retro, Lyndsay never ceases to amaze her clients by creating a look that captivates and highlights the unique features of each person she works with. From the perfect wedding look to red carpet ready, Lyndsay collaborates with her clients to afford nothing less than exaclty what they want.


Art, color, films, and every day people!


The fact the it is a community that supports local up can coming artists from most all artistic genres.


Food, wine, music, reading, and movies.