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Madamn Burnz

San Francisco, CA


Brainchild. Born from a roman ice queen and a russian scientist, Madanmn Burnz is a human anomaly, most commonly referred to as a 'freek.' Consuming solely raw foods as a child, she suffered from a severe case of shrinkage. Upon her 5th birthday, she was presented with a flaming candle atop an ice cream cake. She reached for it, and experience sudden bursts of warming prana! Divinity speaks through her... Spending the next 6 years in deep meditative Fakir, Madamn Burnz unleashed the fire magic within her physical body. Five years deep in flame invocation, fire eating became ritual practice. Madamn Burnz is able to share her versatile talents through performance art and master classes. Developing her brand "fearless kinetica" led to deep exploration of aerial, movement, and fire arts. Moving through the exploration with students and teachers has sprung her creation of a performing arts center, hOMe of aerial company, Exotic Tissu Ballet, in West Oakland. There, she thrives lives as an producer of performance art through education and events, sharing her tale and talent, on the ground, through the air, and always with fire.


I am inspired by the sheer strength of the human body; trekking the Annapurnas of Nepal, I realized that gazing as 6000 m glaciers brought visualizations of Fearlessly Kinetic artists : cyrwheelists, trapeze, fire eaters performing feats of Strength; Single arm acrobatic aerial manuevers, flame trickery, and sights I can only describe through my mind's eye. I am inspired by the visionary creators of art and invention, by the people who their art with no fear, and express the beauty of the heart. I am inspired by the mystics, psychics, fortune tellers, journeywoman, shamanistic leaders, and spirit guides that bring clarity and knowledge to the universe. I am inspired by satiating, tasteful raw organic nutrition, ingested as diet, breathed through vibrancy. I am ever so deeply inspired by organization, self starters, self inventors, and the beautiful souls of the universe who have the magic to pull community events together.


The creation and community aspect! The team and woman that brought it together! The changing themes, the nuances, the location, and the great rig point.


Flying! My corde lisse. The ever expanding network of aerialists, perfomers, movers, healers, and creators I continually have opportunities to build impact on society and grow community actions. Striped lacy floral garments, long beaked masks, visual art, and massaged kale salads.