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Manuel Antonio Zavala

Ventura, CA

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To all inquiring minds thank you & welcome one and all to my Raw Artists profile. I am both a photographer & digital painter and pretty much a general creative spirit. I am rather new to this industry and I am perhaps better known from my club photography at the once one and only goth/ industrial club "Cirque De L'estrange" in Ventura. I started to dabble in the arts after what seemed like a lifetime without art somewhere in 2007. I graduated from a course in digital multimedia in 2009 and by a matter of chance stumbled upon a love for photoshop. As a result I incorporated my limited knowledge in photography together with my new found photoshop inquiries and shortly after developed a small but very real fan base. In the Summer of 2010 I landed my 1st true gig as a club photographer and my photography has been blossoming in ways I never imagined ever since. So far this has been the most rewarding path my life has taken. =M.A.Z.=

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I embrace my inner-child and try to look at the world with new eyes as much as I possibly can. I usually find beauty in things most people put a blind eye to. The things that society usually demonizes or rejects (the taboo). Broken toys & junkyards. Blood, dirt, rust, & crucifixes. I find beauty in the "ugly". The world is imperfect and with it comes the underlining message that everything is unique & in it's own way fascinating. Everything also has a beginning & and ending. Just like the changing of the seasons we must embrace the changes of life and gaze upon it's beauty & wonder. Sometimes our darkest hours are the times we learn to shine our brightest. You cannot see the stars in the sky without the darkness. I fancy myself a man who has found the harmony & awe-inspiring beauty in both order & chaos. =M.A.Z.=

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My favorite thing about Raw is the exposure, publicity, & networking that comes from the event. The privilege of having the spotlight on you as an artist and to mingle among other "underground creative creatures" is quite a dream for the struggling artist (especially during these harsh economic times). It's great to finally have a community that gives us the chance to shine in a world that seems to do away with the modern artist.


The "philio-of-Sophia" most commonly known as philosophy. I'm also a huge fan of the following: Mythology & fairy tales, dystopia, robots, linguistics, metaphysics, science, art, music, sacred geometry, Christianity/ Catholicism, the occult, freedom & above all things the romantics. Born to Spanish parents and being raised in the United States I had the honor of experiencing conflicting & clashing ideas before me right from the start. It's of no great surprise I would turn out the way I did. Bessings to my family, friends, and to all the genuine creators of our modern world. "Besos y abrazos para ti!". =M.A.Z.=