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Paul Marto

Orange County, CA

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Paul has been passionate about photography since the early 80's. Nature, wildlife and action shots are his favorites. He loves the challenge that arises from the unpredictability of his subjects when he is trying to capture the perfect wildlife moment. He is a native of California and has spent the last 28 years in Orange County. Mr. Marto grew up in Carmel Valley, so it is no surprise that he gravitated towards wildlife photography. Mountain bike riding, hiking, tennis and playing the electric guitar round out the list of pursuits for this UC San Diego graduate. He has a beautiful wife and two adorable children.

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Educating and inspiring young children to get fired up about photography...shooting Osprey as they snatch fish from the lake...capturing hummingbirds in flight...the uncertainty and anticipation of my next wildlife two adorable children.

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I am not sure yet. I am completely new to the RAW scene, but I do love the artistic community that has been created and I am really excited to submerge myself in the RAW family.


I never grow tired of photography, it is a passion that grows stronger with each click of my Canon. With each great photograph I capture, I am challenged to make the next shot even better.