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Mike Bama

Omaha, NE

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Hip/Hop and Rap artist born and raised in Millbrook, Alabama. Joined the army at 17 got out at 21, went on to start rapping career. Now resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and trying to move. I started writting poetry at a very young age and later realized thats all rapping truely is with a beat. Then I learned to feel the beat and actually hear the music. Now I don't write music and add beats to it, I write what the beat tells me to write. To me music is far more powerful than people give it credit for being. I was born and raised a small town country boy in Millbrook, Alabama where I lived my entire youth. At 17 I joined the Army Reserves and started moving around a lot. I got out at 21 when I was in Virginia, and decided to follow my dreams. Too many people never have that opportunity due to marrage, or kids, or debt to which I have none of the above. I love seeing the world, meeting new people and fans, and mostly relating through music.

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art, music, truth, reading, knowledge, power, and strategy.

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rap, videos, tv, books, my friends, and fishing.