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Austin, TX

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“Photography pushes us to stop and smell the roses, but then after smelling, it continues to push us to capture those roses for others to see and smell.” - Marshall Foster Edward Marshall Foster, 31, has always called Texas home. He discovered photography in 2009 while in Venice for work. He says “I borrowed a camera from a friend in hopes of documenting some of our trip. I was hooked the second I looked through the viewfinder. The camera pushed me to look for beauty in the world around me. Lights, shadows, lines and colors where coming at me from everywhere, and I couldn’t turn it off. My eyes were opened in Venice.” Over the next year he would immerse himself in photography by reading books and magazines, watching videos and studying the work of other photographers. "If I saw a photo I liked I had to figure out how to do it which really pushed me to learn editing and lighting techniques." After his first year as a budding photographer, he would be introduced to film photography and Lomography through a friend. “My friend Cameron showed me this film camera called the LC-A that could capture double exposures. I was amazed at the possibilities it offered. The LCA was the creative tool I had been searching for.” Lomography would prove to be the door that would lead Marshall to another world of inspiration, experimentation and creativity. Marshall continued to study other photographers andof

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