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Mari Nunez

Philadelphia, PA


My Name is Mari Nunez, and I am proud to say I am a Raw Artist! I am a mother of three beautiful daughter's and they inpired me everyday to live my dream as a hair designer and make-up artist. I am comfortable in saying that I bring incredible versatile and dynamic talent to each RAW showcase as our Head Makeup and Hair designer. Raw has blessed me with opportunities that I will cherish for life and continue doing so.


God my Lord and Savior inspires me. He has given me this incredible talent for me to share with others. My clients, each and every model I work on inspired me. Every Raw event and also each event that I have worked on through Raw inspires me. Most important my daughter's my family and my loving and supportive friends inspire me everyday.


My favorite is having the experience where our creativity, imagination, skills, and gifts come alive. I love and admire everything RAW offers! What's not to like? We are born professionals in the womb we rock and RAW is our stepping stone in our future. Love, Inspiration, Peace, Beauty, Happiness, Laughter & Talent!


Most important in my world my Lord, my three beautiful daughters, and my family and friends. Having laughter, joy, love and a great inner respect. My opportunities that I have to work in this line of business which I love tremendously. To be a part of these incredible events to see beauty and talent come alive in many different aspects is amazing.