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Tommy Orosco

Orange County, CA

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Tommy Orosco is an award-winning artist from Orange County, California. He majored in Fine Art with a focus in Illustration at California State University Fullerton and Video Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of California, Orange County. Upon leaving A.I.C.O.C., he founded Motzero Illustrations, where he works as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer. Tommy has also studied 3D Modeling & Animation, Videography, Graphic Design, and Website Developement. It has been said that Tommy “is gifted with a diverse arsenal of artistic weaponry”. He is as comfortable drawing with a pen and paper as he is painting on large canvases or using a Wacom tablet in Photoshop. Though a majority of his past art combined dark themes with dramatic lighting, natural beauty, and somber emotion, over the past few years he has started experimenting with a fresh, loose style more akin to graffiti or street art. Tommy has been drawing and painting his whole life, but only started showing his work publicly two years ago. Since then, he has had several shows in Hollywood, Newport Beach, and a large solo show in Laguna Beach. "I've set a goal for myself," Tommy claimed after a show in 2009, "To have a show in New York City within 5 years." And it is his determination, energy and sheer love for his work that will help him achieve this goal. Tommy is currently working as the Lead Graphic Designer for ePropertySites, LLC, the Creative Director for The Q Sauce, LLC, & Owner of Motzero Illustrations.

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