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Kevin Warn has been pursuing photography for eight years since his first trip to Hawaii, where he developed a profound understanding of the importance of preserving a memory with an image. This understanding led him overseas to Africa, where he documented the rural conditions in Zimbabwe and Zambia. His style has given him the opportunity to shoot high fashion in Japan as well as stock photography in Italy and Amsterdam. Kevin has been published in fashion, music, tattoo, fitness, and movie magazines as well as newspapers. He feels that the most important parts of photography are the people and their stories. Kevin believes deeply in giving back, and has been involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America among other organizations. In life he will go wherever his photography takes him.

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Looking through my lens has opened the world in a whole new light. Colors pop, forms take shape and I witness a fleeting moment that will never be again. I believe every person and place has a story to tell. I enjoy immersing myself in cultures and documenting the lives of others. Whether it’s walking the streets and finding interesting faces or documenting locations where history took place, I can’t help but photograph the beauty around me. I have witnessed life, death, sadness, triumph, hunger, joy and happiness, which I have used to shape myself into the photographer I am today.

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- Kevin Warn
Twitter @warnphotography