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// Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FASHION: Nikkay Fashions

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I first got started in the fashion industry back in 2009. My husband was currently deployed to Afghanistan, and I had just moved 800 miles from family. I was looking for something to help pass time. I started out making bracelets, and my love for making jewelry grew from there.

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I design jewelry for the everyday women, for any budget. My goal is to design pieces that look amazing on the runway, but at the same time you can still where it to just about anything. There are so many times you see a piece that rocked the runway, but you can't go wearing it to work. I draw my inspiration from different things I see in magazines and what I hear my family, friends, and customers want. They are the best people in life to take advice from if you want to succeed.

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What I adore most about making jewelry is that it gives me the flexibility to play all day with my ten month old son, and then at night when he's asleep, I’m able to create pieces. With a regular job and my husband currently deployed again, I wouldn't be able to do that with everything else I have to do.

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I just recently teamed up with a great organization out in Lexington, KY called Lexington Fashion Collaborative. They do different fashion events in the Lexington area, including their own fashion show. Another project I'm working on is creating a jewelry line for I'm also working with Dana Prigge of to create a jewelry line for her site!

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I can be found at the following:!/nikkayfashions!/profile.php?id=1237120588

- Nikke Shanabrough