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// Friday, May 6, 2011


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It was time to go to college and I thought, ”What would I love go work at and still love years down the road?” So I chose textiles, merchandising and design with a concentration in apparel design.

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What girl does not like dressing up? Looking through apparel fashion magazines, I thought wearing beautiful clothes is awesome! But what about the person behind the scenes who comes up with the idea for that piece that makes you look awesome?

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I especially enjoy making a piece for a person who I know is not only beautiful on the outside but from the inside!

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I would like to be able to be an advocate for Jesus Christ and good morals through what I show. (Not saying I make the right decisions each time) Sometimes I will use a model holding up a sign or in the colors I use, or perhaps in the music to send out the message. Not being pushy, but showing just because it is this “glamorous high fashion industry” there can still be good morality behind this industry.

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My style is always the avant-garde with vintage. Women look amazing with long hems, and they still do with cute short hems.

The nude, gold, and green colors displayed in this collection represent the majesty of the Lord.(The Sharon) Any pink and white represents the Lord.(The Rose) So combined, we get the perfect “Rose of Sharon” AKA Jesus Christ.

You can purchase OCAÑA at “We’ve Got Your Back” in Cool Springs, TN . 10% of all proceeds will always go to local charity.

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- Kimberly Ocaña