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// Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FASHION: Shawn-Michelle Le Fleur

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Shawn-Michelle grew up on the beautiful shoreline of the California coast in Malibu. She spent her youth on the beaches of the Pacific ocean whale watching, seashell collecting, playing in the water and hiking through the canyons. Many of her inspirations have come from the beauty of the coastal life and the natural wonders of her hometown.

As an adult, she moved to the foothills of Tennessee where she gains a different sense of natural beauty. The rolling hills covered in wildflowers, the simple charm of a winding country road and the gorgeous, star-filled southern skies have inspired her to create a spectrum of wearable art.

Her travels have also guided her creativity. From the chic, fashion centered streets of Paris to the flowering baskets and gardens of England, Shawn-Michelle creates Le Fleur... the flower. She introduces her beautiful collection of hair fancies and accessories and continues to dream bigger, give more, reach higher and acknowledge deeper. It is her belief that inspiration truly is a gift and to be able to share it -- an honor.

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- Shawn-Michelle Le Fleur

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