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// Friday, February 1, 2013

LIFE'S A PARTY: Red Paper Heart

Every now and then, the art world can get a little stuffy and its participants begin to take things way too seriously. It's no wonder RAW:Brooklyn interactive art group Red Paper Heart tickles our fancy, pulls us back a bit, and reminds us that art can, and should, be fun ... and it's even better when we do it together.

The group, composed of Daniel Scheibel, Phil Sierzega, Zander Brimijoin, and Charlie Whitney, formed over a year ago. Together, the crew create unexpected interactive work using lights, large scale installations, animations, and -- of course -- you, the viewer.

"We realized we were all interested in making highly interactive work, and the web just wasn't scratching that itch any more," says member Charlie Whitney. "We gave real world interactive art a shot, and haven't looked back since."

The main motivation behind their projects? Simply, happiness.

"With all of our work we're always trying to give people a new experience that they'll remember and want to tell their friends about. A lot of motivation in making a new piece comes from thinking about how people will feel while they are interacting with the work. Happy, excited, nostalgic. These are great jumping off points for us to make something unexpected, but still be relatable."

For instance, in an interactive projection titled, "STEP UP TO IT," the crew enlisted a group of volunteers to glue thousands of sugar cubes to spell out "Step Up to It."  The installation sits plain and simple and, not until a viewer steps up to it and smiles, do the words come to life with colored animation. In another installation titled "Hug Party," viewers are taken back to life as a kid, while they jump on a gigantic stuffed bear. 

"The best inspiration of all is just joking around with each other and finding that idea that bridges crazy, and 'why not?'"

"Our work is very hands on, and we really like it when people interact with it in new and crazy ways," says Whitney. "As a result, I think we all just want people to have fun. We have a love and deep appreciation of fine art, but when you've got a crowd together, everyone just wants to have fun, and we want to help people do just that."

See what the bunch have up their sleeves next at RAW:Brooklyn presents DISCOVERY

FEBRUARY 21st & 22nd  |  8PM  |  PUBLIC ASSEMBLY

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