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// Friday, February 8, 2013

Vetta Star

Vetta Star is: Brandon Meagher, Charlie Fitz, Joey Genetti, and Paul Edelman

The Italian word "Vetta" translates to "summit," making RAW:Denver band Vetta Star a pretty aptly named group, with their especially spirited, pop rock, jazz infused sounds. Their songs are dance-y, energetic, and have just the perfect amount of soulful crooning and wailing instruments, the kind of synth-y soundtrack you'd want playing once you've reached the peak of a mountain. Was that association a stretch? We don't think so.

We talked to them about their music. 

How did Vetta Star first get started?

We were initially two different bands. Joey and Paul were in Sleeptalk, while Brandon and Charlie were in Race Street Riot. We were always playing shows together and sitting in with one another. So, when we moved into the same house this past summer we decided to merge the two bands.

How would you describe your sound? 

Our sound is a mixture rock, pop, and jazz. When writing new music we try to be unique without diving too far into obscurity that the audience loses interest. We also try to use creative sounds with guitar pedals and synthesizers.

Any shared influences?

We all listen to a wide variety of music from classic rock to R&B to jazz. Three albums that have really inspired us are Coldplay's "Rush of Blood to the Head" (good songwriting and a raw sound), Radiohead's "OK Computer" (again great songwriting and awesome sounds), and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" (general epic-ness).

If there was one sentiment you are constantly aiming to achieve through your music, what would you say that was.

Our songs are all about different things. Some are about people, some about events, and some just about feelings.

We wouldn't say there is ONE specific emotion we are trying to convey, we are more just trying to express the large palette of human emotions and take our audience for a ride.

Connecting with our audience on a level larger than our music is absolutely the most important aspect for us to attempt to tackle.

How does the songwriting process usually work for you?

We have done things all sorts of ways in the past, but now that our two old bands have merged I think we are trying to be more collaborative. Sometimes someone will bring in a finished song (chords, melody, and form) and we will all work out our own parts and other times we will just have a riff and see where it goes as we each input our strengths and ideas to a single theme.

How would you describe the chemistry and relationship between the band mates?

We are all very opinionated and full of ideas, so sometimes sorting through musical ideas can be a bit of a process. But the whole reason we formed the band was that we are great friends. That has remained a constant throughout our relationship as a band. After rehearsals we always play Super Smash Bros on the N64. It's a good way to get out of "band mode" and back into "friend mode". We are open to any challengers who think they can beat us!

Describe the moment when, as a band, you all realized you were heading down the right track. 

I don't think any of us believe there is a "right" track. The music industry is so different now than it was 10 or 20 years ago. When we have had the opportunities to pick the brain of a producer or manager, the recommendations they have made seem to be things that we are already tackling as a band. I think the big thing now is to put out a lot of music, and to stay on top of your social media (facebook, instragram, twitter, youtube) because that's how your fans keep in touch with you and follow your band.

Do you currently have an album out?

YES! We released our first, self-titled, EP November 2012. It can be found on iTunes as well as our Facebook page for free streaming. We will have a direct link to buy on our website, which will be finished soon.

Hear their tunes live at RAW:Denver presents DISCOVERY