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// Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Honorable South

The Honorable South is Charm Taylor (Vox/Writer), Matthew Rosenbeck (Guitar/Composer), Danny Kartel (Guitar/Producer), Jamal Batiste & Charles Lumar II (Drums and Bass)

A listen of RAW:New Orleans eclectic indie band The Honorable South is just the kind of kick in the rear you need when you're nearly at the point of throwing up your hands in boredom, certain that the evolution of new music genres has come to a dead halt. Have heart, dear friends. We bring to you The Honorable South, musical renegades with a fiery momentum to their music, just the right measure of southern sass, and a peppery punch of the past. 

The Honorable South - Official "Beast" Music Video from Adam Gambrel on Vimeo.

Formed in 2008, founding members Matthew Rosenbeck and Charm Taylor originally bonded over their desperate search for new music. The two met at a poetry spot, and were looking to form a new band. The Honorable South was born that night over Velvet Underground samples, tambourines, guitar, and keys.

Fusing southern soul, rock, hip hop, and a touch of jazz and folk, The Honorable South throws out sounds that suit its moniker, paying tiny tributes to bits and pieces of the past, while still playing around and experimenting with the new progressive blends.

Spouting influences like Modest Mouse, Issac Brock, Nina Simone, Santana, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, and country rap artists, their songs constantly reference a wide range of styles. To pin it down to one genre would be ludicrous. 

How do they describe their sound? 

"A conjuring of raw energy, soulful, edgy, tribal, electric, meditative," says the group. "We try to allow every song to stand as a testament to the human condition, whether it  be pain, celebration, reflection, lust, forgiveness, and so on, and we'd rather give weight to those human qualities that we feel make the world better like individuality, passion, and creativity."

Charm Taylor leads their high energy, foot-stomping, beats with dazzling, raw vocals and the kind of lyrics to spark an uprising. They describe the subject of their song titled "Beast":

"The Beast is that negative force, a shape shifter of sorts who camouflages himself as an empathetic friend or otherwise genuine being; when really he aims to divide, bring down, conquer. Conquest has always been about ideas, money, and glory so the Beast values those things more than his fellow man. He is blinded by his own self interest. Therefore, it's up to us to pull one another into a place of empowerment, support, and encouragement. The Beast is the ultimate 'hater,' it's the naysayer that tells you not to follow your dreams, or that your best isn't good enough.The Beast tells you that you are too weird, too poor, too you ... and it's that negativity that we have to protect one another from in order to evolve. "

The band currently has an EP titled Dirty in the Light, as well as their first full-length album "I Love my Tribe" (2012) available online:

Hear their tunes live at RAW:New Orleans presents GENERATION!