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// Monday, May 9, 2011

ART: Autumn Steam

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Autumn Steam was created as my alias and business name to brand myself in the world of Steampunk. I have been creating since before I can remember. It has always been apart of who I am. Steampunk is science fiction neo-Victorian futurism. I love this genre because it is like bringing back the age of corsets and top hats but with technology of the future. I have always created things here and there in this style, but never had a "label" for it until I discovered Steampunk 2 years ago. I am involved in creating for GearCon, a steampunk convention held in Portland in July. I also participate in as many fashion shows as I can.

You can see what I am up to with all things art related at or purchase some art at
- The Anglin Artisan