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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I started taking pictures around age twelve with my father's digital camera that was so old it used a floppy disk as the memory card. I took a darkroom class at fourteen, and I've been developing my own film and prints ever since. Currently I attend MTSU for photography, and I still primarily shoot film.     

I have an abiding love for the surreal, and because of this Diane Arbus is a great inspiration to me. I focus on environmental portraiture with a hint of the surreal, and no one did bizarre better than Diane. It's fascinating to create an image of someone strictly how you perceive them. "Perception is reality" -- this is the idea that I try to simultaneously support and destroy through my portraits. 

For an in-depth look at my work, visit my website at

- Anna Houser

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I got my start in photography from an old film camera that belonged to my dad and an extensive photography library belonging to my grandfather who was a photographer as well. I began turning my camera to things in my hometown that I found unusual and were often overlooked in an attempt to find that which was truly unique about my home. The deeper I delved into photography and the darkroom, the more I fell in love with it eventually going to school to study photography.

I draw my inspiration from a variety of great photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and his images of overlooked details and ironic coincidences found in the street, Ansel Adams and his technical genius, or Kevin Carter with his almost sixth sense for being in the right place at the right time. I also draw as much as I can from those I've studied under such as Tom Jimison's unique sense of design, Chris Harris's approach of using different angles that would otherwise go unnoticed, and Jim Norton's unique philosophy on how to think as a photographer.

While I was born completely color blind, I have found ways around this disability and work hard to excel in traditional black and white printing. I'm currently applying the knowledge I've acquired in the traditional darkroom to begin work on a platinum and palladium printing project, a process once used by Edward Weston. While this is a long slow process it has taught me a great deal of patience and a greater attention to detail since there is no real option for editing. I'm not sure where this work will lead me, but the journey thus far has been quite an experience.

- Jay Bailey

Thursday, October 13, 2011


And this is how it all began...

Taking a picture of something that doesn't make sense, that makes perfect sense to me.

It may sound corny, but that is exactly how I feel when I'm looking for something or someone to shoot. Being honest, sometimes impulsive, is one of the things I aim for in my photography.

I love fashion and beauty and when I can combine the two into a piece of art, that's when I giggle and in my mind do a happy dance.

Photography has been my passion for over six years; the fact that I've always had artistic bones in my body was a good enough reason to push myself towards the path of creating beautiful images.

As a novice photographer, I started shooting Macro and Landscapes. Being able to work with so many shapes, leading lines, and vibrant colors made me a satisfied hobbyist. However, I wasn't completely feeling the whole "nature" side of photography - I wanted to try something else, something not so still and boring.

In 2004, on a trip to Australia, I began to feel the pull of fashion photography. It was beautiful, feminine, and it was style. I started out small, shooting acquaintances and a lot of TFP (time for print).

As I've continued, I've shot a lot of wonderful people and had a great time doing it; and I'm no longer the only person who considers me a talent/fashion photographer. It turns out that all I needed was one little trip half way around the planet and a chance meeting with this one beautiful model to find inspiration. She is still one of my good friends.

I now live in Hermitage, TN, with my wonderful husband Jacob and my two daughters, Farrah and Rebecca.

- Jahaira Cochrane

Friday, August 12, 2011


The Neon Kisses are a full service female entertainment group that specializes in bartending, hosting, modeling, go-go dancing and even live performance. The women who make up this elite squad turn any event into an experience. The Neon Kisses completed a transformation in 2009, along with the rest of the organization. The name was changed to forge a stronger association with tourism in the south and expansion of the group into Atlanta, since its takeover by Pomp Productions in 2010.

The Neon Kisses have a combination of beauty, talent and poise that exemplifies professionalism. Each have their own personalities that are alluring, personable and dynamic.  Although the Kisses have eclectic backgrounds, they fuse together to create a high energy show called "The Kiss Lounge."  They draw inspiration from all genres of dance including: burlesque, cabaret and professional cheerleading just to name a few. The Kisses love everything about performance from rehearsals, group outings, charity events, photoshoots and even interacting with fans. Neon Kisses, Atlanta and Nashville, seek to provide entertainment for fans and represent the organization with class and pride. They strive to perform to the best of their ability, set high standards, and work as ambassadors for the organization.

The Kisses love to share their performance skills with anyone interested in becoming a member.  Any person that would like to dance like a Kiss or just want to stay in shape can take our "stiletto" class. This class helps tone the legs, glutes and abs while having a little fun with the girls. Stiletto is currently held on Thursday evenings at Barefeet Studios at 7:30 PM.

Check out to learn more about our class and even meet the Kisses... smooches! 

For booking you may also email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PERFORMING ART: Rashad Gardner

Born in Beaver, PA, but raised in Nashville, TN, I've always been into entertainment period growing up. I've always danced, but only by myself in my room or when my mom wasn't home. By highschool, I was itching to try the dancing out seeing as how I always imitated artists just for fun for my friends knowing all the dance routines from music videos. My friends would always ask if I could dance for real, but I always shied away from it. 

At the end of my senior year, I got a taste of trying dance out and even though I had a lot to learn about dancing period, I decided I wanted to take it on. When college came around I got the development I was looking for by joining our performing arts company and meeting people that have helped me get to where I am now in dance. I eventually moved into choreography becoming one of the most anticipated choreographers whose pieces people looked foward to seeing for my imaginiative themes and choreography as well as entertainment value. 

My style has been described as what you would see in music videos and tours/live performances as well as other various entertainment streams. I am inspried largely by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, the Pop and R&B era of the late 90's and early 00's, broadway musicals, Usher and various choreographers that work in the industry at the moment. I draw inspiration sometimes from conversations I'm having, movies and even just being out somewhere and something catches my eye and sparks my imagination. I love the performance aspect of dance, it's the greatest feeling performing for a crowd and I love having entertained the audience and taking them on a trip.

Thank You,

- Rashad Gardner

April Kaye Nicolaides is the creative force and designer behind FEROCITY JEWELRY. Born in 1978 in a small town in central Illinois, April was a natural born artist.  As far back as her memory goes, she remembers creating things and loving art.  Dabbling in everything from painting and drawing, pottery, mixed media, and even clothing reconstruction, she finally focused and specialized in jewelry design.  She taught herself to metalsmith after high school through books, magazines, videos and a whole lot of trial and error.  She opened a jewelry store in 2003 and closed it in 2006, when she married a soldier and was relocated to Fort Campbell, KY.  

Since then, she has focused all of her artistic energies towards her own design label FEROCITY JEWELRY, a line that rebels against the norm and pushes fashion boundaries.  She has travelled the country to participate in art and craft festivals and has recently become a part of the underground art shows in Nashville.  She is currently designing three collections under the FEROCITY label.  BAD REPUTATION, which is punk in its most polished form.  NOT YER GRANNIE'S JEWELRY, which is a collection of vintage jewelry that has been reconstructed by mixing recycled and salvaged materials like bullet casings, vintage fabrics, and vintage findings with newer materials and quality gemstones.  And last, but not least, STILL PLAYING WITH DOLLS, in which she has taken cast-out, unloved, or broken porcelian dolls and given them new life as pieces of art jewelry.  

This collection of statement necklaces and bold cuffs are each one of a kind, each are named, and each come in an embellished and velvet padded box made from old cigar boxes so that they can be hung on a wall or displayed on a coffee table to be enjoyed as art when not being worn.  She has also designed a small collection of jewelry made from spent bullet casings dedicated to the 101st Screaming Eagles, to which her husband is a part of, and also to honor all of our military heroes and veterans past and present.  April Kaye Nicolaides has one mission... TO KNOCK THE FASHION WORLD OFF ITS SKY HIGH STILETTOS!

ferocity (fu-ró-si-tee) n : the property of being wild or turbulent; savage wildness or fierceness; the state or quality of being ferocious

Char Braden is a rising makeup artist and licensed hair stylist based in the Nashville, TN, whose style and approach emphasizes the natural beauty in every face with artfully crafted makeup styles ranging from bridal to extreme makeup looks. 

In earlier years, Char always envisioned working in the beauty industry but ventured away from her youthful ambitions to pursue other career options. What was once a forgotten talent, Char's passion for beauty has resurfaced with full force. Her pursuit of making others feel and look beautiful has became an undeniable passion.

Dedicated to mastering the art of makeup artistry, Char eagerly continued her education and recieved certification at Academy of Makeup Arts, Nashville, TN after finishing a 6 month internship and now serves as the school's admissions advisor to upcoming and aspiring makeup artist. 

Trained in all aspects of makeup artistry including: airbrush, TV/film, special effects, and makeup for fashion, Char is committed to building a collaborative relationship with each client, ensuring the experience is always an exceptional one. Through her love for art and her unique eye for beauty, she is eagerly walking into her destiny. 

Cary Wolfe is an independent music video, commercial, and film director. He was born in Washington, D.C. in 1993 and raised in Nashville, TN. His work is known to have a distinct bombastic yet unforgivingly realistic feel. As a student filmmaker, he was recognized as Cinematographer and Editor of the Year at the 2011 Williamson County Film Festival for his piece "Sleep's Embrace, Kiss of Death."

He has also directed music videos for the likes of Gummy Soul, the Flamingos, J. Rice and Trinity James. The most influential figures in Cary’s artistic career are: Lil B the Based God, Maynard James Keenan and David Bowie. Cary is currently a studio art major at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. His most recent project is a series of ads for Love is Earth Lifestyle Boutique. His mission as an artist is the same as his mission as a man "to reveal truth."

I’m a local up and coming photographer in the Nashville area. I studied at Middle Tennessee State University and graduated in December of 2008 with a BFA in graphic design, minor in photography. However, my interest in photography began much earlier than that.

Through the years, I've found that inspiration comes to me in many forms, but it's other artists pursuing their passion that drives me the most. My favorite thing about photography is that it allows me to bring to life unique concepts from start to finish. I’m passionate about seeing what happens when I try my hardest and evolving as an artist. I specialize in conceptual, commercial and fashion photography. I hope to create more photos in these genres, but I would also like to work with musicians.

Last year in Downtown Nashville, my series, "Naive," was successfully featured in a partnered self-promoted art show called "Curiosities: a compendium of tales retold." Since that show, my portfolio has steadily grown and my style has evolved. Moreover, that show encouraged me to add a level of authenticity to my work. In just about every photo, you will find some sort of custom piece, whether it be a self-made glass coffin or a skirt made out of three hundred fifty plus hand applied feathers. My hope is that this effort will set my photos apart and achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

My work can be described as colorful portraiture and most of it can be seen at

- Lauren Athalia

Thursday, September 8, 2011


It seems crazy, but I got started in fantasy hair creation completely by accident. In fact, in makeup school, I studied special effects and advanced prosthetics at Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando, hair was my absolute least favorite thing to do! But the more I did my makeup projects, the more I realized that my personal creative style demanded a completed look which meant modeling elaborate hair and even complete costumes around my makeup work!

I found when doing hair for my own artistic purposes, and not trying to stay in a defined box with any specific style or design, I was able to turn to my own creative style to design and thrive! Hair became one of the many mediums I set out to put my unique stamp on. Since then, it has become my favorite medium in which to work. I have gone on to design hair for numerous stage projects with styles ranging from the most coiffed period looks, to the most outlandish shapes and colors you can imagine on an actors head. I’ve used my love of the medium to carve out my niche in the world of hair work, and to create a name for myself as Nashville’s Girl Friday for fantasy hair design. I love the way hair can be a thousand textures at once. I love adding layer upon layer, creating many different aesthetics out of one medium of choice.

I draw inspiration from the concepts of color and texture. I absolutely adore pop art, and I’m sure it reflects strongly in my work. My work is basically riots of color and fizzy shapes that appeal to the viewer’s sense of fun. You want to eat them, but you can’t, so you have to content yourself with wearing them on your head.

- Aria Darling

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