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Thursday, October 13, 2011

MUSIC: Rae Hering

Pop and jazz styles come together with the theatrics of cabaret in Rae Hering's fresh musical sound. After graduating from Belmont University, this Nashville-based singer/songwriter released her debut EP "Reality Over My Head." Delivering sultry vocals, Hering melds engaging arrangements centered around her proficient piano playing with the lyrical sensitivities of indie songwriting.

Both on her recordings and in her live shows, vibraphone, accordion, and horns accentuate the undeniably colorful images in her writing.  Her songs carry us through whimsical thoughts of a tumbling acrobat being on the wings of a miracle in “Top Hat Acrobat” and being mocked by the rain “drip by drip” in “Leaky Umbrella.”  While she keeps her listeners delightfully guessing at what’s to come next, the emotional content is always familiar, especially in “Bruise on the Brain” when she longs to “linger longer in this dream.”

A vibrant contributor to Nashville’s film community, this versatile composer regularly writes and records music for commercial spots and short films, including the 2011 Nashville 48 Hour Film Festival.  She also keeps busy hosting and performing in her monthly house concert series: Rae Hering’s Ladies Night.  At each exclusive event she features different artisans in unique, creative fields to pair with her musical performance.

Whether performing an intimate solo set or a full-blown six-piece band extravaganza, Rae Hering will hold you captive with her dynamic, straight-from-the-soul artistry.

Monday, March 28, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Deidre DeFelice

I like to consider myself a "day maker." I find it profoundly rewarding to make people feel better about themselves, which is the main reason I love what I do. The beauty industry has always been a part of my life, thanks to my amazingly talented mother who spent 17 years as a hair stylist. She taught me that if you work hard enough and have true passion, you can make a living doing something you love. I have been doing hair for the past six years and am currently residing in Nashville, TN. The eclectic mix of music and people I have met in this town inspires me to be more creative than ever. Styling hair is my absolute favorite aspect of this profession and some of my best work has come from my freelance jobs such as weddings, special events, photo shoots and fashion shows.

- Deidre DeFelice

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Lucy Pop Salon

Lucy Pop Salon is a talented collective of hair artists and makeup artists who have a reputation for creating fashion-forward, innovative looks for hip Nashvillians. The team draws inspiration from their shared obsessions with all things fashion, music, nature, and pop culture related. One step into the Lucy Pop world and you immediately catch the Marie Antoinette meets Indie Rock vibe that describes their visual inspiration and the aesthetic of their collective work. Everything is decadent and glamorous, yet experimental with an underground feel.  Contrast of any kind is the key to every Lucy Pop look.
-Renae Morton
Monday, May 9, 2011


Ever since I can remember, I've had a passion for fashion and flare for color. As a kid I loved to play dress-up and made up all of my friends. It was just a hobby till one day someone offered me a job to style their wardrobe, and do make-up for a photo-shoot. It was then that I realized my passion was to be taken seriously. Before I knew it I was revamping my clients from head to toe, and even shopping personally for them.

I started out my career at the biggest revenue generating Nordstrom on the west side of Los Angeles. There, I worked the M.A.C. counter, and later became a brand representative for Fusion Beauty (Kim Kardashian endorsed).

After three years, I applied to be a Counter Manager @ Neiman Marcus in the ritzy Topanga Mall. I became the go-to person for Armani Beauty in all of California's San Fernando Valley. I worked on films, photo-shoots, and even did work for the SAG Awards and L.A. Fashion Week.

Although I held awesome positions at high-end department stores, I realized that something was missing. With sales quotas to meet and 30-minute time frames to get my customers out of the door, I thought, "Geez, how can I possibly maximize my creativity as an artist or educate my client on makeup as an art (it truly is) if I have all of these secondary agendas to worry about?" These realizations lead me to create my company, Haute-Bella Beauty in 2006.

Haute-Bella Beauty does not only provide extraordinary make-up, wardrobe styling and shopping services for its clients; Haute-Bella Beauty is firmly dedicated to provide the woman of today with the basic skills for a flawless look, every day. It is my prerogative to provide my clients with an exceptional experience.

- Izzy, Haute Bella MUA

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With her progressive technique, stylish approach and natural ability to style hair that is both street wearable and sophisticated, Micah Rene strives to turn heads with every look she does. As a hair stylist for more than 10 years, owner of Refuge Salon, member of Phyrsce styling team, and the National Cosmetologist of America, Micah does more than just turn heads, she has a natural aptitude for fashion which helps to translate visions into artistic styles.

Micah has an eye for balance and facial symmetry that when combined with her technical abilities, allows her to transform each head to perfection captivating audiences with every movement made. Mixing her skill and technique with incredible creativity, a true down-to-earth personality and exceptional presentation skills, Micah signature style makes her one of the most sought after stylist today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Galilee Bagwell



My name is Galilee Bagwell. I currently live in Clarksville, about 45 minutes away from Nashville. I attended and graduated from cosmetology school here in my town in 2011. Also, I attended AMUA: Academy of Make-up Arts here in Nashville. Other than the cosmetology and make-up field, I love music. I play in a band back in Clarksville. Music is my life.

I love doing makeup for weddings. It’s awesome to see the huge grin on the groom’s face when he first looks at his bride walking down the aisle. That is honestly priceless. Photo shoots are really fun for me. I like to be creative and use a lot of props in the pictures. Before doing hair and make-up, I dabbled in photography a little bit, so I already had some shoot ideas. My goal is to work on a few music videos and some independent films before the year is over. Right now I don't have an official website, but a lot of my work is on facebook, so look me up.

I feel like a baby in this industry. So many people have a ton of experience already. I am definitely excited to be a part of RAW and get to experience fashion shows. I'm totally stoked to meet the fashion designers, photographers, and any one else working the show. Thank you RAW for giving me a chance to show my work!

- Galilee Bagwell

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Leila Headley



My name is Leila Headley, I’m 26 and fresh out of cosmetology school, and I’m fairly new to the industry.  I jumped into this career blindly just wanting to get a quick career.  Soon, I came to realize that this is something that I absolutely love to do. I wouldn’t be me without it. I currently work in a salon, and I love creating new looks for my clients, but I would love to be a full-time free lance stylist. I live for doing hair for films, fashion shows, and photo shoots. I love RAW because it introduced me to a world of people that have the same passion for their art as I do.  I love learning how to better my craft.  I feel like a sponge everyday, soaking up ideas, learning new techniques, and meeting inspiring people.

- Leila Headley

Monday, August 15, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Kristina Wojtkowski

Kristina Noel Wojtkowski, born and raised in Nashville TN, has always had a passion for style and beauty both inside and out. When finally taking the leap to pursue her heart’s desire, after years of struggling with the decision, Kristina’s life transformed.

Kristina, nearing graduation at Paul Mitchell Nashville, is a rising star in her field and ready to take the Hair Industry and the world by storm. Being a premiere student, Kristina has already begun to establish a name for herself, with her stunning personality and breathtaking work. Kristina has had the wonderful privilege to work with famous Photographers, Designers, Models, and Agencies. She was a Hairstylist for Fall 2011 lookbook of Boutique 615, Paul Mitchell Spring 2011 Fashion Focus Hairshow, and assisted Fernando Romero in Chicago at America's Beauty Show.

Kristina’s industry mentor is David Kinigson, who is known for his artistic and realistic approach to hairstyling, is a large influence in her work and her life. She lives and creates by one of his quotes “we encourage the transformational powers of a signature hairstyle”. With this, Kristina uses her gifts not just to beatify the outside but to transform and beautify the inside.

After graduation, Kristina is enthusiastically pursuing her career locally, but not limited to, the Middle Tennessee area. She hopes to change and evolve this industry into something more. Kristina’s long term goal is to work full time doing editorial and fashion work versus working in a salon.  She loves being creative and is constantly analyzing and critiquing all aspects of her work.   “I am always thinking about the next thing I can do” says Kristina.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Jessica Watkins

I have been in the industry for eight years. I am that stylist that dreams in color. I use chic cutting and innovative styling to change the image of people. My style is a mix of trendy yet classic styles with a twist.  I love classic styles because they never go out of style. Fashion drives my inspiration and designs. It's nothing like looking at the latest issue of Vogue or Gucci's spring line and feel the tinge to create a chic slick ponytail on the perfect model.  It gives me butterflies at the thought.

The one thing that I love most about this industry is the vast number of outlets to be creative. Everyday on the job for me is different. You can choose to be in a salon or fashion or both. Where else can you get that? No where but the fashion indsutry. My goal is to be in the tents of fashion week across the country.

You can check out my work at  Enjoy!

- Jessica Watkins

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ART: Hamilton

When I was little, living and traveling opened my eyes to different cultures and images. I have always gravitated toward music and art! I feel like the embers of my soul have been lit with the passion for ART and creativity. I want to be a part of many more art shows! I envision the progression to different mediums in my future! I want to continue to stretch my view and open my thought to interception of life and love.

- Hamilton

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