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San Francisco

Thursday, September 8, 2011

FASHION: DoeEyedAndPigeonToed

DoeEyedAndPigeonToed is a lovechild of art and fashion. Founded in 2010 by artist ErinO, Doe Eyed is a line of hand-crafted accessories for women with their fingers on the pulse of current fashion. With an emphasis on unconventional design, DEAPT emerges itself in natural, vintage, and recycled materials. Always hand crafted by the artist herself, each DoeEyed piece is an artisan design, and wearable piece of art. Boasting itself as "Accessories for the Anti-Wallflower," these bohemian designs incorporate bold colors and bright metallics, giving them a signature spin on current trends.

Learn more about the brand at
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My love for photography began when I was a child, tinkering with viewfinders and pretending they were cameras. As I got older, my dream of being a photographer got stronger. After seeing an image start to form in the darkroom, I knew this was my calling. 

Recently, I went on a journey to Southeast Asia with the intention of experiencing life from a different perspective and was immediately overwhelmed by the beauty and pain that I witnessed. Throughout my travels I became more determined to bring home my experiences in a way that I could share.
- Amanda Neep


Nikki has been inspired by art and creativity since coming into the world in 1980. She has always explored different mediums of creation: drawing, sketching, make-up, and even t-shirt reconstruction.  Make-up artistry in particular held her attention for quite some time, but eventually led her to paint on canvas where the possibilities of perception and creation seemed endless and offered her a more personal form of expression. 

Her art has always transcended itself, not figuratively but through feeling and emotion.  Whereas some artists express their ideas through literal interpretations, Nikki has always created her art outside of the box.  Her creations originate from pure emotion and passion.  Often challenged as to what type of artist she is, Nikki has always strived to be original and not categorized in any particular way. This has allowed her to explore different styles and not be so cemented into one way of painting as not to hinder her way of thinking and serve as a catalyst for her work. 

Nikki's paintings also have a way of becoming whatever it is they wish to become as they on a life of their own.  They become pure emotion.  Inspired by the works of Frida Kahlo, painting what she feels, and Jackson Pollock, allowing the painting to take shape and come alive, Nikki's art incorporates these elements together creating her own individual, unpredictable, and awe-inspiring style.  While Nikki herself often reflects on the origins of her pieces, she challenges the viewer to look into their very own souls and find meaning within the strokes.  This is art in its rawest form, the feelings within the artist, conveyed to a surface utilizing the instruments of color and space.

- Nikki Bonney

Expression: compels, elevates, inspires, empowers, excites, fascinates, thrills, attracts and connects.

Hair and makeup design is my passion. It’s what I do!  Throughout school, I have studied many different forms of art, from drawing and painting to music and dance, pottery, jewelry, even metal working! Hair design is a unique art form that stands the test of time. From the dawn of man, people have expressed themselves by adorning their hair in many different ways. Hair design works hand in hand with fashion.  I can look at a fashion design and have a vision of what I feel would make it complete.  

I love to collaborate with artists of all kinds. When working with a solid group of artists, you can create a powerhouse of eye pleasing compositions. A photographer can capture the feelings portrayed and create a timeless image.  In every shoot, every fashion show and in every client that sits in my chair; my goal is to create a look that is always evolving.  To have an individual study an image, a design, and themselves in the mirror and love the way they look. This is the rewarding accomplishment that I live for.

“Go big or go home.”  As a new artist in the hair industry, I have made the decision to hit the ground running. With only a few years professional experience behind my belt, I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and have connected with some genuinely talented individuals.  I invite you to take a look into my crazy whirlwind world.  I hope you enjoy what you see!  

- Sandra Moreno   

I am Violetta Vieux, I was born in Moldova, a tiny ex-USSR republic. I lived in four different countries: Georgia, Romania, Moldova and France before relocating to United States and speak five languages.

Together with my twin sister Viorikka, we became addicted to fashion when our grandmother taught us how to crochet at our tender age of six. Since then, I don’t remember a day when we didn’t create something new. Very soon, I understood that crocheting doilies was not satisfying me, I wanted to showcase my creations and not stock them in a cupboard – I started to crochet clothes. My classmates were telling me – you will be fashion designer! I never believed them and wanted to be an English teacher and interpreter, so I went to university to study languages.

But the two magic words “Haute Couture” were always in my mind, and I followed the path of my vocation throughout my adolescence. My multicultural background allowed me to learn different techniques of textile crafts and art techniques such as: knitting, fine embroidery, weaving, and bobbin lace. I designed my first collection in 2003, which was awarded a prize – the invitation to present my collection in France, my dream! The passion for design and a natural talent for fabric manipulation led me to pursue a degree at ESMOD – prestigious fashion school in Paris, where I developed my love of fashion as a means of personal, creative expression and refined my own style. I successfully graduated from ESMOD with master’s degree in creative draping and pattern making. I also gained experience during internships in various couture houses in Paris.

I use my knowledge of couture craftsmanship and my ability to mix materials and textures to make my make designs unique and dramatic. I moved to California almost 3 years ago, and I am currently draping and pattern drafting instructor at FIDM in San Francisco.

My new VioGemini wedding collection draws inspiration from winter. Origami pleats and kanzashi flowers remind me of the geometrical shape of snowflakes and feathers, the soft touch of snow and rhinestones are sparkling ice. Couture craftsmanship along with an exquisite sneak preview of the collection will be offered during the fashion show at ILLUMINARE in San Francisco.

Please feel free to check out my website:

- Violetta Vieux

My name is Dalton Rooney and I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I grew up with a strong interest in photography that led me down the path to my current profession as a cinematographer. Photography quickly began playing a significant role in my life during high school after I bought my first camera and enrolled in a class.  My passion in photography took me to film school where I wanted to tell stories under a slightly different medium as a cinematographer and director. My films generally portray the vulnerability of the human being; stories where such themes as loneliness or disappointment take control. My belief is that we all have horrible experiences in our lives, and without those, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the good moments quite as much. So in a way, I try to keep my films slightly humorous and uplifting with the use of those terrible moments we would all wish to forget.

I draw my inspiration from many sources. Directors such as Ingmar Bergman, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roy Andersson and Chan-wook Park all play a vital role in developing my style of filmmaking. Visually, cinematographers such as Christopher Doyle, Roger Deakins, Emmauel Lubezki and Benoît Debie are all  tremendous influences on my cinematography. What I love most about filmmaking is allowing an audience to experience another life that is completely re-organized for them. It’s the same reason why I watch films, I’m obsessed with being absorbed with an environment or situation I’m completely unfamiliar with, yet can relate to entirely. At the moment I am currently involved in filming a feature documentary about wine. I can’t get into the specifics quite yet, but everything is moving forward very quickly and I’m extremely happy with the support we’re receiving. To check out more of my work, you can go to

- Dalton Rooney

Rasa Vitalia is San Francisco's leading creative dance artist performing around the world, celebrating the essence of life with her truly creative dance that is fluid, beautiful, and expressive, called "Rasa Dance." Rasa dance is global dance:  a unique experience of universal movement through dance and music -- the rhythm of life.  

Rasa Vitalia is an international professional performance dance artist, choreographer, and instructor, putting her artistic creativity and flair in her dance performance.  Rasa has over a decade of experience and discipline in multiple dance and music forms, including belly dance (Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Persian, Moroccan, Fusion, Cabaret, Tribal), Afro-Brazilian samba, salsa, Bollywood, club dance, modern dance and hip hop, funk/soul boogie, plus the musicality of rhythms, finger cymbals, and Middle Eastern and African percussion. Rasa also diligently studies the healing arts of yoga and meditation.  With a strong focus on performance, Rasa Vitalia has danced as a solo artist to audiences at all kinds of events and celebrations in cities throughout the U.S.A., and has contributed her talents with array of world-class, internationally known & grammy nominated musicians.  

With a B.F.A. in the visual and performing arts, Rasa Vitalia has 15+ solid and consistent years of training in many dance forms and extensive background in live performance. Rasa Vitalia's performances are beautiful, graceful, sincere, captivating, and vibrant.  Due to her experience, Rasa knows how to incorporate not only her knowledge, focus, talent and skill at her learned dance forms in performance and in workshops, but knows how to be really creative in her art, and really engage, capture, communicate, and carry an audience through a journey, which is actually called "Rasa" in the language of Sanskrit. And to note, "Vitalia" means "Life" in Latin.  Beyond just technique, Rasa Vitalia and her "Rasa Dance" truly connects with the essence, feeling, and meaning of the music, the rhythm, movement, and life through the form of dance. 

Rasa's current Global Movement Show called "United We Dance" is inspired by her passion to uplift lives through dance and music by reminding us to maintain peace and unity with friends across the globe. The beautiful blending of funk, rock, club and world dance forms as well as the futuristic astro-silver costuming design is inspired by our universe -- The space and air that we ALL share.  As a true creative who has a solid understanding of traditional forms of art, Rasa is aiming to bridge the gap and connect with all through music and dance.

Rasa Vitalia's name is known throughout the San Francisco bay area and dance and music community as a strong, dedicated, creative, and exceptional professional performer who lends her talents for the betterment of the community and the planet. Rasa Vitalia invites one to witness the organic process of a journey through art to enrich and inspire us all. Like all great artists, Rasa plumbs her soul to bring out the essence of life in her performances to enrich the lives of her audience. This makes her one of the most sought after performers in the dance and music scene and a performer you will never forget. 

If you seek highly creative and inspired artistic dance, and wish to experience true art, please support Rasa Vitalia.  You will be transformed.

For more information, photos, and videos see

Voted the 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Curt Yagi and his band (The People Standing Behind Me) have been performing throughout the Bay Area at major venues including The Fillmore, Yoshi's and The Union Room at Biscuit and Blues. Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, not wanting to get out of bed and craving something for your mind, body and soul. With percussive guitar licks, breathy vocals, rhythmic beats and driving bass lines, Curt's music will get you started on the right foot and keep you going for the entire day.

I was born and raised in a small farm town call Yuba City.I really never thought that I would end up being an artist. At a young age, I would constantly tag notebooks binders, toys, bedroom walls and from there I earned my nickname Graffiti.  At age 22, I decided to further my education at Cal State Sacramento, where I graduated with a Bachelor is Architectural Design. After graduation, I began to explore what else I could do. I met a great friend who was a Makeup artist for the playboy bunnies. On one of my visits to L.A. he took me to the mansion because he was doing a shoot. When I saw all the glitz and glamour of his profession, I said “Why not”!

So it’s been approximately 4 years now since then and thanks to him I learned a few tips and tricks that evolved my skills and pushed me to work as a freelance self taught Makeup Artist. Now I dedicate my life to freelance work as Graffiti Makeup Artistry; who would have known that my nickname would come in so handy! I always see a face as the best canvas there is because no two faces are alike, thus creating a new piece of art every single time. Different makeup artists and other artist around the world have inspired me to push the envelope more and more every day. I flip through magazines and see these beautiful creations and I take that tweak it a bit to make my own. I love not being restricted  with my creations, the world is my limit and I'm down for a challenge! Now let's Beat Face till it hurts!

- Ernesto Robledo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photography: Jeremy Keith

Trying to pin down where or what exactly inspires my work is always an interesting challenge. I'm not gonna lie like I couldn't write a book on the topic -- I probably love talking about myself. But in a nutshell, I'm just a self-taught photographer that grew up as an ugly duckling with a strong set of creative and philosophical mentors to help me mature. 
Somewhere between an education in Ethnic Studies, fashion, compulsive music hoarding, a new-found love for mid-century Modernism, Modern Art, and concepts behind philosophical and spiritual refinement, I've somehow built a body of work that tends to revolve around visual cues that draw from these concepts. 
While I do have a set of photographers that inspire me in a much more direct photography sort of way -- like Annie Leibovitz, Ricardo Alvarado, Brassai, Yousef Karsh, and Julius Schulman to name a few -- I do take a more minimalist route when it comes to my actual workflow. I think Scott Schumann said it best, "You can ask most chefs, they would need 5 ingredients, one pan, and a stick of butter – and they can make the best meal you’ve ever had. And I think that’s where most photographers would like to get to; not to have all that other stuff, but be able to create the most beautiful image that they can, in the most simple way that they can.”
- Jeremy Keith