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San Francisco

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Harris

Creativity is my therapy for life. I make art as a way to comprehend, value, appreciate, and basically to figure out the truth around me and the world in which we live. Photography is one approach I use in my investigation of life and environment and at the same time a process of self-reflection.

I first became interested in photography when I inherited my late grandfather’s 35mm Minolta. As I studied art practice at UC Berkeley, I became eager to encounter the world through the same lens my grandfather once did, to perhaps attach myself to the wisdom he left behind and expand upon that insight. With the use of his camera, I felt I had the opportunity to continue his force of creativity through the photos and stories I wished to express.

What do I love about photography? I love that it is an emotive and powerful tool for communication; it has the ability to act as the face of critical issues. It is a mechanism for dialogue, as it poses questions, stirs opinions, makes an argument, and provides an objective statement, all simultaneously. Black and white photography in particular allures my senses; it can feel powerful and robust in some imagery and romantic or classic in others.

As an artist I also draw and paint. Most recently, I studied Chinese brush painting while teaching abroad in Wenzhou, China. I draw inspiration for my art from all forms of life, but the themes that keep reappearing in my work are femininity, controversy, the idea of authenticity, and the questioning of identity. Artists that inspire me are Richard Avedon, Walker Evans, and Francesca Woodman. Photography is one mode of creativity I use as leverage in my everyday life; it is my tool for healing, my excitement, and my passion.

Please check out my website at


- Kristin Harris

Monday, February 7, 2011

MUSIC: Rattlesnakes!

Rattlesnakes! is a five piece Rock and 'Heavy Soul' band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They're an ambitious, hardworking band whose signature sound includes soulful vocals, big thumping bass lines and plenty of catchy guitar hooks, all delivered with heart in the form of tight, well-crafted songs. While taking cues from the classics such The Rolling Stones, Faces, Stax artists, etc, Rattlesnakes! aims to continue developing their own sound and carve out their piece of the Rock'n'Roll pie. They are currently in the process of recording their first full-legnth record at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MUSIC: Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky is an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Sacramento, CA. A local indie darling in her hometown; her dynamic shows have gathered a loyal following and outstanding reviews including:

'Autumn Sky is suburban Sacramento’s answer to Zooey Deschanel. The perennially kindhearted artist is on the brink of breaking through with her syrupy ballads, poppy rockers and seasoned showmanship. Every city needs an indie-darling chanteuse with a bright future, and Sky’s horizon is vast.' -Cosmo Garvin, Sacramento News and Review)

She is based out of Orangevale, CA, where she lives with her husband, Matt, and her cute baby kitten, Digby.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MUSIC: Buckeye Knoll

From the deep wilderness of the United States comes the music of Oakland, CA based Folk Pop Rock band Buckeye Knoll. Songwriter Doug Streblow spent two years traveling the country living out of an old school bus, backpacking and sleeping outside every night all while earning a Masters in Environmental Education. It was on this journey that he penned the songs that would become “People and Place” the debut full length album from Buckeye Knoll.

Filled with songs about love, adventure and hope Buckeye Knoll has been recognized as “The real deal” and “Unforgettable” by The San Francisco Chronicle and has been featured everywhere from local radio stations, major music blogs and magazines to sold out concert halls and most recently the esteemed SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX.

For more information including photos, music videos, news and more please visit the below websites:


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MUSIC: The Welcome Matt

What does singer/songwriter Matt Langlois, A New England native turned San Francisco resident, indie rock folk singing songwriter poet do after playing in 5 different bands, wandering the earth, performing in endless cafés, bars, living rooms, clubs, working construction, setting tile, surviving the San Francisco underground party scene, releasing seven CD’s (5 as The Welcome Matt/2 with Hey!Brontosaurus) and investing every dime into music to the verge of bankruptcy?

He starts a musical project called Members of Sound, releasing a song a month over 2 years, teams up with hotshot San Francisco music booker KC Turner and begins collaborating with well established dance choreographer Christine Cali/CALI & CO dance on a full length dance/music performance extravaganza called Move Thru Me.

Members of Sound started out as just another late night idea on tour in West Hollywood. Now over a year and half down the road, the project has more than fulfilled Matt’s main objective, to stay creative and tell the tale of the musician’s journey. Members of Sound songs have been downloaded all over the world and have caught the attention of many, including, Peter Finch’s “FOG FILES” on KFOG 104.5, San Francisco Bay Area’s biggest radio station. The Members of Sound song “Move Thru Me” will be the title and theme of a 3-day dance/music performance in San Francisco’s Mission District in February 2011.

After playing 100 some odd gigs, creating a duet and video for “You Are The Chords” with singer/songwriter Megan Slankard, working with 20 different musicians and an array of producers who have worked with artists such as Four Non-Blonds, Dan The Automator, Train and Galactic, The Welcome Matt’s Members of Sound is nearing the finish line, yet the endeavor is far from over. A final Members of Sound CD, videos, national tours and the Move Thru Me soundtrack are in the works for 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MUSIC: Sarah Jane



The soulful, sultry sound of Sarah Jane is captivating. Her voice is strong, powerful, yet graceful and draws any listener into the narrative sung. She began playing guitar to accompany her love for singing at the age of 15 and could not help but begin creating a collection of original songs based on real life.

One of seven children, Sarah Jane was always entertaining and trying to get her feeling out through artistic expression. She used any avenue available to her including the church choir, school chorus, drama and art class, and even tried majoring in music in college. When that wasn’t enough, she started a band.

Accompanied by her band mates, including drummer Matt Kurvin, bassist Beau Robertson, and guitarist Rob Simmons, Sarah Jane puts on one hell of a show. She is a songwriter who is a true storyteller whose lyrics are compelling, witty, and original. Her appeal like her music crosses boundaries and intersects genres.

Drawing from various musical inspirations, Sarah Jane’s music is charged with R&B, rap, and pop all wrapped up in an indie rock aesthetic that is uniquely her own. Being a Santa Cruz, California native, she likes to play all over California, especially in the lively Bay Area. Not only is she a musical artist, but she also paints, draws, works in digital media. If you have not seen her play yet, do so, you will not be sorry.

Her recorded original songs are available for download at and Itunes.

Friday, August 12, 2011

MUSIC: City Tribe

A blend of California style rock and folk, City Tribe layers acoustic and electric elements slathered with lush vocal harmonies. The result is music that is both rich and soothing.

The group was newly formed in the summer of 2010 when old friends Jacob Jones and Duncan Nielsen, after a musical hiatus of five years, began toying with soundtrack-to-life styled vocal melodies.  A few songs were written and soon performed on occasion for friends at SF bar John Colins.  Shortly thereafter, friend and bass player Eric Wallace declared his need for a musical outlet of that variety, and was thusly inducted.  Having previously shared a bill with these three gentlemen, skins man Scott Tarango had the opportunity to listen in on a brief set.  He too wanted in, and the group began carving itself a space in San Francisco’s musical montage.

Inspiration can come from many places, be it an experience or a feeling, and City Tribe mold these strokes of inspiration into melodies and music that regenerate the feelings of specific moments.  The expression in their vocals lead the listener across a viscous, dynamic soundscape created by acoustic and electric guitars, a synthesizer, mandolin, and drums.  Weaving between their sugar sweet harmonies are tasteful bass lines and sparkling electric-guitar vignettes. Drummer Scott makes it all kick by applying the drum kit and auxiliary percussion with deep rooted feel.  In short, these songs are snapshots of sentiments that will bring you to the tea table with your closest friends and worst enemies.

Hear City Tribe’s style at or friend them on Facebook to find out when they are playing next.

Monday, August 8, 2011

MUSIC: Picture Atlantic

Picture Atlantic had a strange start. Most bands start out of a love for music, or because of friends getting together and jamming. Although these were certainly factors in the creation of the band, Picture Atlantic started as a reaction to what they saw as a stale and tired San Jose music scene, which was dominated by a weary wave of  hardcore and metal music. The days of melodic rock music had passed for The Silicon Valley, but Picture Atlantic wanted to change that.

Having drawn comparisons to bands like The Killers, Radiohead, The National, The Police, and Coldplay, Picture Atlantic has still been called a band with a sound all its own at the same time. Not settling for one genre and certainly not a one-trick pony, Picture Atlantic is a vortex of folk, rock, ambient, indie, and alternative variations that set moods and convey passion. Not only do they take music seriously, but they also hope to push people to do the same.

Singer Nikolaus Bartunek's has the words "Invest In Quality Music" emblazoned on his guitar, and in the past has been known to sport an acoustic guitar with the words "This Machine Kills Hipsters" written in sharpy marker.

You can check out and listen to Picture Atlantic here:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MUSIC: Deer Park Avenue

Deer Park Avenue is a band of two sisters who like making rock music. They've been called rock, pop, power-pop, and alternative—high energy, fun, melodic, with an old school punk edge—a sound as rich and eclectic as the music that made them.

Sarah and Stephanie Snyder started Deer Park Avenue way before they thought of the name. At ages seven and ten, they were playing drums and guitar together on some of their favorite Beatles tunes and were putting together mini concerts for friends and family and other captive audiences. They went from playing pop songs in their living room to covers at talent shows and festivals, and quickly started writing songs together, even though they wouldn't play them for anyone but the family cat for years to come.

As teenagers they moved with their parents to Switzerland, where they started a church and a cover band, and they've been wandering the world ever since. They share time between California, France, Switzerland, New York, and Germany, meeting people and playing shows and making music whenever and wherever they can.

Matt Bissonette, their musical hero, co-produces their projects with them and generally keeps them out of trouble and mayhem when they're in the studio (although sometimes he is part of it). They have also gotten to play with their other musical hero, Gregg Bissonette, at his clinics in Europe and in the States—Gregg plays a drum solo on Millionaire, which is on their new release, Stop & Go.

Stop and Go will be available October 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other online retailers.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MUSIC: The Coast Pilots

The Coast Pilots play layered pop/rock music that's epic, tasteful, quirky and robust -- and that's just the first verse! Singer Adam Menconi and producer/bass guitarist Erik Erickson formed The Coast Pilots in Santa Rosa in 2009 after meeting through a shady online musician’s want ad site.

Menconi had been playing guitar and writing songs for 15 years and Erickson (former member of the Los Angeles Area band Big Dumb Love) had just moved to the Santa Rosa area. "I had just moved into town and my studio was set up on the fireplace hearth in complete disarray at the time, but we seemed to hit it off anyway" says Erickson. After honing in a unique but accessible sound which can best be described as, "Addictive, melodic, grooves for people that like to rock out in the safe confines of a Prius" Menconi and Erickson decided to record a full album. "It is important to us to make an album that is family friendly but still rocks," says Menconi.

The Coast Pilots have spent the last two years writing and recording rough tracks for the album and are now working at Wheelhouse Studio on the final product.
After going through several personal changes, The Coast Pilots magic lineup now consists of Matt Hennen (Kepler, The Silencers) on drums,  John Crowhurst (Skitzo, Mudslide) on lead and stunt guitars, and Justin Leonard (Daelian) on rhythm and lead guitar.

Along with writing, recording, and playing live shows the Coast Pilots are also very involved in the Santa Rosa community. Erickson and The Coast Pilots started the Rincon Valley Education Foundation Music Fundraising program. "We recorded all the school bands in the Rincon Valley School District and released a benefit album. 100% of the proceeds go back into the district music program and 20% of online sales benefit VH1 save the music foundation. It's a great way to keep music alive in our schools and the kids are stoked to be on itunes," says Erickson.