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San Francisco

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dyana Hall drew her passion for makeup artistry at an early age. When she was 14, she began experimenting with MAC Cosmetics and eye shadows of different textures and colors to produce many exotic looks. Her imagination soared with ideas and her work began to increase. She was soon to captivate the attention of others and began receiving compliments from people of all ages and ethnicities; her creative makeup artistry knew no boundaries.

In 2010, Dyana added artistry to her list of services under her business, Mind Mystifying Designs, and decided to focus most of her efforts in this area. She began doing free tutorials, makeovers, and photo shoots to start her portfolio. As she continued makeup artistry, every aspect of the process became individually crafted to each client's wants and needs. Her passion to keep doing makeup derives from her innate need to be creative and her enthusiasm to show this talent in various ways. The transformation shown in her before and after photos really displays the metamorphosis from an everyday plain look to a beautiful, exotic and glamorous look. Every client offers her renewed inspiration to create new designs and looks for the future.

Projects coming up for Mind Mystifying Designs include professional photo shoots and many more makeovers and tutorials. Dyana is always in search of willing participants she can hone her skills on. She hopes to expand her clientele and keep them happy and coming back. Makeup doesn’t have to be about covering up your flaws and hiding behind a mask. It can be about the power of expression, having a good time, being silly, or just trying out a new look. Through Mind Mystifying Designs, Dyana strives to expose her clients’ inner and outer beauty without hiding their natural and unique features. Unless of course, they want to become someone else for a day--the possibilities are endless!


My name is Cindy Crabtree (aka Moonshine Makeup Artist).  I have been in the industry since 2006.  How I got started... my friend who is also a model ask me to do her makeup for one of her photo shoots and while I was on set I was fortunate to get to do the other models' makeup as well as there was a no show for a makeup artist that the photographer and director had scheduled. A couple months after photographer 'Curt Lout' booked me for shoot which in turn became my first magazine feature, a two page spread in Car Kulture Deluxe.
My experience and makeup style ranges from a fresh clean look to a glamorous look.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  My eclectic mix of makeup styles that also includes editorial, film, high fashion, vintage, pinup, stage and theatre makeup, and more.  I find my inspirations from nature, photography, fashion, a clothing designers or jewelry designer pieces, and typography. I love that I can help achieve a desired look for my client(s) and collaborating on a shoot/project.  I also currently work with Agency Models to add new looks to there portfolio.  I enjoy helping other artist and art students.  We all have to start some where -- why not 'pay it forward'.

- Cindy Crabtree

My name is Stephanie Pickering and I am a hair stylist. Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to do hair.  My mother used to trim my bangs when I was a toddler and immediately after I would "refine" them to my hairline. I was born to do this.

At a young age I discovered I loved to create things with my hands. Painting and sketching were an important part of my life, but I later discovered clay. I use to create everything and anything I could with clay. At the same time, my dad then taught me how to carve objects out of wood and learned a lot from woodworking.  I always had projects and creations going, and from then on I had a new love and appreciation for all things hand crafted.

As I grew older, my passion increased for creating something beautiful with only a few tools. I look at hair like I used to look at clay, molding and manipulating it until it is perfect in my eyes.  My inspiration is the people I see on the streets, the people who are noticed because their look is "unconventional." My motivation is the personalities and diversity of the people of San Francisco and their enthusiasm for being unique. I live and breathe creativity and am always searching for my newest hair obsession.

I am inspired when working with hair, because there are no rules.  That is why I enjoy working on photo shoots, fashion shows, and weddings because I can turn an idea into a beautiful reality.  I can make the hair incredibly unique and edgy, or into something simple and beautiful, but it is all art. 

-Stephanie Pickering
Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello, I am Rey and I've been a professional makeup artist since I was 20, but makeup addict since I was 13. As a teenager, I loved playing with makeup and began experimenting with colors and techniques. At age 20, I moved back to California from Mexico and worked very briefly for Makeup Art Cosmetics. I then decided to moved on to working as a legal clerk full-time and doing makeup on a part-time basis. That is exactly when I started working with a magazine as a makeup artist on set and also as a model. Modeling really wasn’t for me so I just focused on makeup and began accumulating a long list of clients.

I have had the privilege of working with many talented models, photographers, hair stylist, fellow makeup artist, and more importantly those wonderful clients who trust me to make them pretty! I truly enjoy working with clients and making them feel pretty because that one smile the first time they look in the mirror makes the work worthwhile. I am constantly researching trends, and techniques to further improve my art. Glamour, editorial, natural, airbrush, and sometimes even scary makeup are all just a few of the styles I enjoy doing. Be warned that when working with me, I will not shut up. I love to make conversation and get to know my clients as well as anyone that is involved in the makeover! I am very detailed and always want things to be perfect because if I didn’t well then I would be such a great artist right? 

- Rey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Meagan Lindsay

I'm Meagan, from Oakland, California. I lived in Los Angeles for 3 years, and recently moved back to my beloved bay area. My inspiration is driven from people and their life experiences. I love producing, and trying to capture a story in one photo. My mind is loose, so inspiration may come from something inconsequential or something substantial like events that are happening in our world today.
I am currently in school, studying economics, and psychology. Doing hair is not the end of the road for me, but it's definitely a platform that allows me to progress to where I want to be in the future. I enjoy making the beautiful people of the bay feel good. Come see me at the Drybar in San Francisco for some hair lovin'.

- Meagan Lindsay

Monday, August 8, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Christine Padilla

What can I say? I am absolutely in love with makeup artistry. It's the love of my life and what makes me tick.
Just like my optimism for life, I feel the same for this type of art; there are endless possiblities. My canvas is a human face. It moves so even when all of the makeup has been applied your art will keep transforming, for instance, at certain angles or the way the light hits the face or at different times of the day into the night.
When people think of makeup they think of products; eyeshadow for the eyes and lipstick for the lips; etc. For makeup artists, it's much more than that. I am constantly doing subtraction and addition in my head as I am staring at my living canvas. What will I be taking away, and what I will bring forth to bring balance? What colors can I use or not? Honestly, there are times this drives me mad, but it is all worth it when you hear gasps, or the best is when I surprise myself.
I find inspiration mostly from nature, from other artists, from books, or when I'm "people watching." I can't describe my type of art, but the objective is always the same for me; for the end result to haunt you. When I feel the shock and admiration, that's when I know I'm finished. That's when I know I can't do anymore that what I've already done.
- Christine Padilla

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HAIR&MAKEUP: Amy Wolfrom

My name is Amy Wolfrom, I grew up in Palo Alto, CA. I have always been fascinated with makeup and art in all forms, I can remember growing up and always playing around with colors, making perfume, playing with makeup on myself, drawing, collaging, fake tattoos until I was old enough to get real ones! I have always been one to experiment and even when making a mistake--turning the art into another direction. 

My inspirations come from all over the world--I thrive off new and old, remaining teachable, recreating from original pieces and adding my heart and own spin into it. Each face has different characteristics, different background, different stories--no two makeup applications are ever the same, or fit the same face, I love focusing on the individuals personal features and create a “look” through who they are in that moment and the energy they provide in that moment. 

When I am not doing makeup and have the available time I hook up and follow up with the projects in the making  with Project Knew Groove based out of Half Moon Bay, and Heart of Chaos in San Jose. 

You can check out my makeup on facebook while my website is under construction

- Amy Wolfrom

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FILM: Vikram Ahuja



Vikram grew up studying in nine different schools and traveling all over India, he considers himself a gypsy at heart. Vikram’s passion for performing led to him taking up Salsa dancing and included several performances and accolades at national and International Salsa congresses, including securing the runner’s up award at the prestigious All-Asia Salsa Open in Hong Kong in 2007. However, Vikram’s theatre background was still the core of his creative pursuits, and he involved himself in several fun projects over the years, including public performances at Bangalore’s premier institution for theatre -- the Rangasankara. “Do I?” is his first short film, and he hopes to delve deeper into the amazing world of human psyche, emotions and reactions to continue creating work that everyone identifies with at some level.  Until he figures out how to do this full-time, Vikram works as a strategy consultant, with stints in seven different cities spread over three different continents.

- Vikram Ahuja

Monday, February 7, 2011

ART: Gue Yang


Hi, I'm Gue Yang. I'm from Sacramento, California and I am currently a Fine Art major at the Academy of Art University. I have been drawing since I can remember. Television cartoons, comics, and video games sparked my interest to recreate what I saw. I'm glad I grew up with them because from then on, it helped spark more inspiration beyond what any painter and illustrator could imagine. I didn't start drawing and painting from life until I attended art school four years ago. Everything I did was from my head. 

I guess you could say my style is more like a mix of realistic and illustrative. I like to exaggerate/stylize the human form in a way that makes the design attractive and flows altogether composition-wise, but at the same time, you could tell who they were (I like to keep the soul of the person intact for a lack of better words). My inspirations more so technically are drawn from old masters like Sargent, Sorrolla, Zorn and Cornwell. For concept and ideas, I tend to look elsewhere such as books, films, games, and music. What I love most about what I do is how fresh my ideas can be. It's like looking at yourself in the mirror every morning but instead, you want to find something new about yourself. It's always about the next piece and what I can do to make it better than the last.

My works can be seen at

- Gue Yang

Monday, February 7, 2011

ART: Dana Loberg

Dana Loberg was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated from Yale University, lived in New York City and currently resides in San Francisco, California, where she is able to gain inspiration from fellow artists and people.  She has been painting throughout her life – classically trained since childhood and furthering her art skills throughout college.  Her paintings, primarily involving children, capture moments in time – from a baby resting to a child caught staring.  Through charcoal and pastel, she can put a new spin on what was once black and white and bring it to life with vibrant colors. 

 Painting is meant to educate and express the human feelings we all have.  Dana brings deeper meaning to her pieces by including torn pages from books and handwritten poetry – helping the viewer to remember a certain time period and/or memory, as well as bringing greater depth, texture, and design to each image.  By painting on book pages or from the poetry prose, she hopes that people are reminded of the fragility of life and their luck in just existing.  There is beauty in even the mundane things we all do; regardless of race or religion, we are all the same.

- Dana Loberg