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Santa Ana

Monday, April 18, 2011

ART: Krystal Booth

Krystal Booth is a painter fascinated by stories that reveal humanity.  Sociology, psychology, and humor inspire her narrative art.  Subjective commentary and imagination about life experiences saturate her colorful oil paintings.  Her work can often be seen in the Portland area galleries, as well as online at Blue Canvas (, and on her website at

She earned a BFA in 2006 and a BA in 2008 from Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne.  She also enjoyed apprenticing and working as a tattoo artist. She learned that tattooing was as soothing as knitting is for others… it was just knitting with loud music in the background and big, burly guys hanging around.

Krystal was born in Coldwater, Michigan and grew up in the small town of Angola, Indiana.  After pursuing careers in psychology and acting from Florida to New York, she finally found the courage to stop avoiding her true calling of being a fine artist. This was something she knew at age eight, but took a long journey to rediscover. Currently, she happily resides in Portland, Oregon creating commissioned pieces in addition to her own series of paintings and drawings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ART: Jasmin Tiffany Iskandar

Jasmin Tiffany Iskandar was born in the lucky year of the dragon, 1988. She started painting after graduating from Vassar college in 2010 with a degree in art history, and is grateful for the opportunity to showcase her humble collection of finished works at the Santa Ana RAW event. 

Her art reflects a curiosity with different painting mediums, and each work is an exploration into compositions employed by artistic modes such as Surrealism. Her self-portrait series are also influenced heavily by her studies in Netherlandish and Chinese art. 

Her mixed heritage also impregnates the small body of work. Her latina roots are visible in her palette's richness; also, symbolically, in her most recent Day of the Dead portrait. lastly, the works give an obvious nod to Kahlo. 

She wishes for her art to be viewed by a non-interpreting audience, and she hopes that judgment be subjectively open-hearted.
Thursday, July 28, 2011

ART: Michelle Orozco

I spent the majority of my childhood hiking, camping, collecting bugs, building forts, and watching horror movies. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, but these days I prefer ink and watercolors.  As a child, I would draw nothing but animals and nature scenes. Then my angsty teen years were filled with tormented and bizarrely contorted human figures, skeletons, and badass anime girls. Only recently have I started combining my two loves for nature and the dark depths of human emotion.

I love anything morbid and grotesque but try my hardest to steer clear of portraying those things in a cliché light. My work is influenced by scientific illustration, etchings, surrealism, mannerism, folk art, and the tiniest pinch of anime. I have also been surrounded by books since a very young age and have a deep love for traditional illustration and classic children’s literature.

I’ve spent the last 5 years getting my Bachelor’s degree in studio art and illustration from California State University Long Beach and discovered a love for ceramic and fiber sculpture along the way.  My dream job(s) would be tattooing, character and concept design for movies and video games, and of course illustrating children’s books.

Currently, I am working on building my portfolio, illustrating a few books, and starting up a retail business with my siblings. Today, the only things I collect are fountain pens, sealing wax, lipstick, and cats. I haven’t lost my love for camping and hiking and even in my old age have still been known to build the occasional fort.

- Michelle Orozco

Monday, June 13, 2011

ART: Stephanie Osborn

My name is Stephanie Osborn, I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Anaheim, California. I have moved around OC and LA over the past 10 years. I was lucky enough to have two talented parents who I feel gave me the creativity and imagination to draw and paint. My mother was a painter and my father a self-taught sculptor.

As a child, I was always doodling, drawing or coloring. I never cared if I was "good" at it or not. My father always supported my drawing and creativity, always trying to introduce me to new things and constantly encouraging me. I always remember wanting to be as creative and talented as he was. 

Being an only child, I grew up rather introverted, and drawing was always something I could do by myself and express myself. In high school drawing was all I did, especially when I was bored in class. I gained inspiration by the people around me and emotions. If I was happy or sad, it usually came across in my drawings and was extremely helpful when I had no one to talk to. I also gained friends from my drawings, people who also drew or simply appreciated what I did.

I was 15 years old when I did my first painting, I was able to express how awkward being a teenager is and trying to find where you "fit in" even when you don't. Once I started painting, I never stopped, my style has changed over the years, but not by much. Over the years I have gained inspiration from my experiences, the people who have come in and out of my life, my family, my friends and most of all my emotions. It has kept me going when I lost focus or was upset, I have always felt I put myself on the canvas and while this is freeing it can also come with vulerability.

Growing up since high school has given me more perspective and confidence. I am proud to be an artist and of the works I am able to create. I have been very lucky to have my creative outlet and the constant support of family and friends. I used to be afraid to show my art to the world for fear of rejection, but I can say I stand very proud of what I create and encourage anyone and everyone to persue their talents in whatever form they may come in. This will be my first showing since I did my first painting so many years ago and I can say without a shadow of a doubt I am excited to be able to express myself.

I have a website I am still working on which shows more of my art:

- Stephanie Osborn

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ART: Tiffany Smart

Since the chilly December morning she was born, Tiffany Smart has been an artist all her life. Born to missionary parents freshly relocated from Thailand, she grew up shy and quiet as the youngest and only girl child of her family in San Diego. Preferring the company of stuffed animals to other children, she began to draw on her creative talent fostered by her mother, a Chinese immigrant from Johannesburg, South Africa, and began working with anything she could get her hands on. In this way she found art to be a cathartic, self-cultivating outlet that she could express herself through, though always privately. Throughout middle and high school, Tiffany taught herself how to draw, sculpt, and use digital media, crafting her talent.

In 2004 she attended the University of California, Irvine where she majored in studio art, minored in digital art, and received a certification in ethnomusicology. During this period she opened up much more, but still reserved much of her artwork for herself. She graduated in 2008 with honors and received an invitation to join the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society, the nation’s oldest National Honor Society.

One summer evening, after 2 years and 4 different jobs in a failing economy, Tiffany developed her signature water color, spray paint, and metallic ink techniques completely out of the blue. Not having touched water colors since her childhood, she finally felt she had found a medium that was malleable, filled with memories, and had a deeply intimate touch, giving her paintings an other-worldly feel that escaped an otherwise drab reality. Using this technique she created more than 50 new pieces last year alone. She hopes to continue her work and show in more galleries around the world.

You can enjoy her work at

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ART: Yesenia Negrete

Well let's see... my name is Yesenia Negrete, and I am a 24 year old single mom. I was born in Mexico, but raised here in the US. I have always been a shy girl with a lot of imagination. I was never really good at anything other than the art classes I took in school, of course my parents weren't always happy. I have always loved art but never had thought of it much. when I realized I was passionate about art, it was back in our high school art show. I kept drawing for some time and after my daughter was born, I realized that it was something I would like to introduce to her, and it has been great sharing this with a her.

I have gone through some tough times, my daughter, drawing and painting was a way to help me get up and take life with open arms. After some time, I slowly started taking some classes in college that helped me open up my imagination to bigger posibilites in the art world. I became more fascinated with people and the ways of each person's individuality. I am still finding my style but the feeling of being able to express so much with a white surface and a pencil or brush is like an adventure that I hope can take me far. Art is something anyone can do and a way to feel free, all we need to do is not be afraid of it.

- Yesenia Negrete

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ART: Aliza Jayne Bejarano

I have been drawing since before I could talk. Almost my entire twenty-one years of existence.

Creating is my life. Which doesn't necessarily mean that I make a living off of what I do - yet. What I mean by this is that without my art I feel less like me. I restrict who I am. With every whisk and stroke of my brush, pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel, I feel alive. Each piece of my work owns a part of me and are born mostly from dreams that I've had. I take care and consideration in creating each one of my works, but they also allow me the freedom I may not know in my own reality. I can be lost in my paintings for days, lose track of time, and find myself tired yet exhilarated by the end of it. I find the journey in advancing my technique and my ability thrilling. I am always learning something new, experimenting, and finding myself continuously fascinated and curious about it all. 

One of the main goals that I wish to accomplish with my art isn't just to make a name for myself, but also to incite emotion within many people. I would feel a sense of accomplishment simply knowing someone felt what I felt when I was painting with just a glance.

- Aliza Jayne Bejarano
Friday, September 23, 2011

ART: King Mike V

King Mike V's knuckles say it all, "DON"T STOP," encompassing a lifetime of determination and persistance in bringing his talents to showcase to the world.  Having been involved in art since the age of five, and utilizing all types of medium from charcoal to oil painting, from airbrush to sculpting, from spray cans to mask-making, it seemed that tattooing would one day also be a natural progression.  King Mike V, also known as Mike Vanderhoof, began tattooing in 1992 and opened his own parlor, Dr. Package Tattoo in 2001. 

After a decade of decadence, and traveling nationwide on the tattoo convention circuit, boasting many trophies and magazine articles, Mike decided to close the doors of Dr. Package Tattoo in late 2010 to pursue his music career and other aspirations.  King Mike V's music career began at the age of 17, co-founding the hip hop group "The Labrats" with his friend and fellow rhymer EMC (RIP). The group disbanded early after cutting a self-titled EP with producer Cory Yothers of Bellmark / Featherstone. 

After a short hiatus, King Mike V moved on to a solo project which his then-manager was in talks with Capitol Records to release it. But in time, the deal fell through and King Mike V proceeded on once again.  In 1997, Mike joined the rap/metal group "Dr. Package" as lead vocalist and frontman, bringing his hip hop roots along with him.  Dr. Package released their debut album "Kings" to rave reviews, and also had a follow up EP entitled "Earthquake Weather."  After playing live relentlessly at nearly every southern California rock venue, appearing on TV and even aired on KROQ, Dr. Package became a hugely popular local act. The band had a mutual breakup around 2002.

At this point, King Mike V decided to get back to his hip hop foundation and built his first pre-production studio where he could focus on his new found love for beat-making.  Along with friends, Melk $$$$, GS9, and DJ IMmackuliT, they formed the hip hop group "Word Assoc."  The group recorded three albums together, the first was self-titled, followed by "This is War" and "The Awful Truth."  As the project began to lose steam, King Mike V then teamed up with DJ IMmackuliT and released two more albums, "Our Finest Hour" and "Grindhouse."  Mike is also a member of the international hip hop crew known as The CCC or "The Cross-Continent Crew," which is a worldwide hip hop alliance of lyricists, producers, and Dj's which has members all over Europe, The U.S., Canada, and South America.
In September of 2010, King Mike V launched "The King Mike V Radio Show," an hour-long weekly internet radio program broadcasting worldwide, which aired every Saturday 3:30pm PST on  The show, along with co-hosts Chuck U. Farlie and JD, gave a weekly platform to two of King Mike V's passions: horror films and underground hip hop.  In addition, King Mike V is currently writing his first horror film screenplay, and continues to tattoo on the U.S. convention circuit and can also be found at periodic horror conventions promoting his art. 

So keep checking back here at KINGMIKEV.COM to see when King Mike V is coming to a city near you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ART: Mary Mehrmand

Mary Mehrmand is an Iranian journalist born in Tehran. She spent a very creative childhood, experimenting with water color for the first time at the age of two. The art of drawing with pencil has been a major part of her life for many years, and she finds the creation of a piece of art with a simple pencil very exciting. She finds working on a painting for many hours so relaxing that sometimes she has a hard time putting her brush down to take a break.

She was interested in art very young, and at an early age, she was drawing her dreams and thoughts, though as the years passed, the drawings became more detailed.She was the youngest student of Mohammad Ali Taraghijah, a master Iranian contemporary artist whom she learned about rhythm, composition and abstraction. Taraghijah taught Mehrmand the most important lesson of her life as an artist; he gave her wings, so she can develop her own style. Mary experimented with different mediums for years, and finally fell in love with oil painting.

Throughout the years, she produced over one hundred paintings as well as illustrations and sketches. Mary Mehrmand believes that art is the only way besides writing to express her feelings.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ART: Adriana Martinez

Art started as just something I did for fun, but I have become so lost and entranced in this world that I can never get out of it. I like how infinite art is, how many mediums, ideas, and artists there are to take from. I constanly switch mediums, view points and subjects. I feel like art is just a constant game of keeping myself entertained and amused.

I work a lot in sketch books, I carry one around every where I go. I love nature, I draw my surrounds all the time. I like to people watch a lot, I enjoy drawing people who are completely unaware of me. I take a lot of inspiration from my fellow artist, I find that they'll sometimes rub off on me and vise versa. A lot of my "great ideas" come from just playing around in my sketch book.

I've been doing art for about six years now, and I'm finally confident in sharing my art work. Art takes a lot of emotion, vulnerability, and life sharing. Every art work is a person or a treasured memory, they're all a little piece of me and my life.  That's another reason I like art, because it lets me be me in my entirety.

I like Frida Kahlo, Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, Alfred Cheney Johnson. I like the story line of Alice in Wonderland, it sends my spinning. I like chalk art, graffiti, art that contains political statements. I think it's like Albert Camus once said, "A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession."
- Adriana Martinez, Skinz

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