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Santa Monica

Monday, September 12, 2011

ART: Richard Gartrell

“Most people either really like my style or don’t respond to it at all.  On the surface, the paintings can seem haphazard, but if you let yourself get lost in them for a little bit, looking becomes an experience. I am very interested in the way the mind interacts with art, and I try to create work that not only stimulates thought, but also makes you aware of this interaction. I want to make pieces that you can look at over and over again and will never seem the same.”

Richard Gartrell is a painter, filmmaking and photographer. Though never formally trained in fine arts, Richard began painting oil landscapes and still lifes at the age of 13. He moved to New York City to study film production at the School of Visual Arts and went on to work in commercials and Off-Broadway theatre as a cameraman. Hoping to expand his interest in painting, Richard relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 and began working in his current style: large, abstract canvases done in a variety of media and textures. His main tools are liquid paint and a blowtorch.

Richard continues to produce new paintings and hopes to push the style even further by developing installations around the pieces. By drawing upon his interest in film and photography, Richard intends to create supplemental works for his paintings, offering audiences a full sensory experience into something imaginative and reflective.

Check out his work at:

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