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Tana Yasu

Seattle, WA


Greetings!! Pink Boutique Styling Studio is home to Tana Yasu, providing professional hair-care and styling services. I am born and raised in Seattle I love my city for its promotion of individuality and creativity. I consider Seattle to be a true "melting-pot" of cultures as you will not find too many areas that are not integrated with a cultural, political, and financial mix. I feel blessed to be from this particular area of our great United States. As a hair-care professional for 20 plus years it gives me pleasure to help people maintain healthy hair practices. My specialty is African-American and textured hair; however, ALL HAIR-TYPES are welcome! I do braids, twists, locks, and a plethora of natural hair and UN-DETECTABLE extension styling, and I am also proficient with chemical services such as relaxers, perms, and color. Color especially is one of my most favorite services. It is truly a persons UNIQUE EXPRESSION of his or her PERSONAL and SIGNATURE STYLE!! Plus its just really cool to watch the transformation. Personal Service for Signature Style is what my banner reads, and the foundation of my work is: BEAUTY-FASHION- & HEALTH. I serve men women and children of all ages, in PRIVATE one-on-one sessions. By APPOINTMENT ONLY.


I AM INSPIRED BY LIFE ITSELF!!! Life is for the LIVING, and whats life without being FABULOUS! PEOPLE also are an inspiration. I was told in cosmetology school- that this industry is one of the only industries in which we operators come into direct contact with our clients. We are actually licensed as doctors of a sort, and is it ironic that historically the barbers were the doctors, bleeding the ill... but I digress. I bring that up only to point out that this profession has and always will be probably the most influential, and respected trade known to civilization! Stylists work from thousands of years ago can be admired and gleaned from today. Can one say that about medicine, technology, or anything? there may be a few, but just that. Many an ancient queen's STYLIST could bestow beauty treatments, regiments, and techniques that would fit seamlessly into today's HOTTEST-NEWEST-MOST INNOVATIVE "LOOKS" by industry stars and starlets. LIFE, PEOPLE, HISTORY, and NATURE are my GREATEST INSPIRATIONS.


My favorite thing about RAW is just that. It is RAW un-cut and in your face! from the first initial contact it been GO!! No BARRIERS, NO PRETENTIOUSNESS, NO FALSE ARES OF SUPERIORITY. Its: Hey, we see you- we like what we see... WANNA PLAY? And I'm like: Why yes, YES!! I wanna play! Let's GO!!


Fun makes my world go round... I actually LOVE MY WORK. Its said if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. Seeing a satisfied, no- more than satisfied client is the best high! I love being able to pour myself into my work and get that instant response of pure joy from a client. And now I've been at it so long I'm getting into 2nd. and 3rd. generations. I'm going to weddings, graduations, and even final stying at funerals!! I'm not just a stylist, and they are not just clients... WE ARE FAMILY!!!