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Pittsburgh, PA

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Hailey and Letta are a part of a Pittsburgh bellydance group, BelliBeautiez. We have been dancing for close to a decade and plan on dancing for years to come. We enjoy blending different styles of dance including, ballet, hip-hop, breakdance, traditional bellydance, and more. BelliBeautiez is considered a modern tribal bellydance group that utilizes fluid melodies, staccato beats, and dream-like movements that equal to an exciting and memorable show. Plus, we are sexy... :) Hailey enjoys PBR and air-guitaring to 80's music in her vehicle. Keep your panties dry gentlemen... Letta enjoys jello shots and contemplates world domination of japanese anime characters. Woahhhh nellie...

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Many bellydancers within our Pittsburgh community, as well as Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, The Unmata, and many many more! We are also inspired by unique music and alcohol.

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We like that all types of art are encouraged to be a part of RAW. Also, the ability for the "little guy" to have a chance to be noticed. Monthly shows. Overall contribution to the underground art communities.

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Art, music, bellydance, family, friends, no annoying people, nature, mutha-lickin' love, laughter, jobs, mooooolah, liqour.... animals are cool too, especially ligers.