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Panda Sanchez

Washington, DC

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Panda Sanchez began in 2003 as a lo-fi basement recording project via two detuned guitars, two would-be filmmakers, two bottles of Mad Dog (ouch), cigarettes, and a shitty computer mic. In 2005, the project took a digital turn as Richard experimented with curious sound collages that nobody in their right mind would care to sit through (unless they were into horror movies). Now, as a folktronic hybrid of influences, the band routinely flirts with cryptic, melancholic affectations and lovelorn melodies. Richard Sanchez and Tayne Kim played their first show in 2012 at the Velvet Lounge in DC. As of April 2013, the duo continues as an online-only project, recording from opposite coasts. DC area performances continue with new members Melissa Bisagni, Sunbin Song, Oscar Buitrago and friends. As always, Panda Sanchez strives to be as awesome as Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop.

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