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Phoenix Rose

Pittsburgh, PA


It took me a while to accept that I am an artist. I thought because I couldn't paint like Picasso that I had nothing to offer the world. Then I realized, I always had a vivid imagination. I've always seen in color even on the grayest day. My poetry has always been vivid and so have my stories. I intensely visualize a moment before it happens. Before my pen hits the paper and before my camera clicks. Every moment and subtle movement I see. I consider myself a SEXLifeART enthusiast. Even when I don't have a camera I still capture the perfect photos in my mind. And I use that imagination and apply it to all of my business endeavors. Especially Consulting. I offer my clients more than Photography. For those clients that have a drive to penetrate the "modeling and entertainment" industry I offer image consulting and developement services.


Life, the mystery of life. The spots on the smallest lady bug, the most transparent,but powerful shade of red! The Universe inspires me.


I don't have a favorite thing. When you have a "favorite" thing you usually rely on it to much, you get too comfortable with it. I like to explore. Raw gives you that opportunity; to explore.


People, smiles, smells, children, elders and knowledge.