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Derrick Waddell

Orange County, CA

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A Natural born poet my hand was made to dance with the pen.My name is Derrick Waddell, son of Patricia Waddell, brother to many. I was born and raised in the North County of San Diego, California. I've been writing almost all my life I would say, though I spent the majority of my youth focusing on athletics. Music has always been a source of inspiration in my world no matter the genre, I've always been fascinated with how song writers use there lyrics to paint a picture in the listeners mind to help tell his/her story. Now my love for music does not unfortunately transfer in to me being able to sing, which brings me to my poetry. It took one episode of Def Poetry Jam to let me know how my story needed to be told. I've been performing for almost 6 years now, just standing on a soap box praying I don't catch rocks. What I love most about what I do is the opportunity to share my talent and story to new people. My poems write themselves. I'm just happy that there is a place like Raw that gives the Indie artist or someone like myself who is just looking for a place to express his/her truth a home. You can view my video here

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