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// Thursday, June 9, 2011

FASHION: 4ever Glamorous

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4ever Glamorous is an upcoming local eco-friendly clothing line. My dress line is created from recycled dresses and materials. The idea is to create something fabulous that will be "4ever Glamorous." This is a collection of dresses that captures the true beauty of each womens individual style and uniqueness. My ultimate goal is to inspire young women between 15-21, making their experiences and overall look have a deep connection with their inner true beauty. As a designer entering into the fashion world, I have helped create local events such as the Heart of the Rose City and Urban Trends. This has helped me merge into the world of designing. I worked with local designers, including project runway's own Deon Derr. My past projects include The Women 1st networking event, on May 7, 2011 that included music, fashion and art by women in the industry, as well as business entrepreneurs of PDX.

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- Julie Johnson, 4ever Glamorous

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