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Quinn Kellogg

Columbus, OH

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Originally from Rochester, NY, Quinn has followed his love for art and creation all around the U.S. He first travelled to Ohio where he graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2010. After Graduating he went on several cross country adventures, painting, rock climbing and renewing his love for everything in the natural world. Since then He has been showing work in galleries including, Hayley Gallery in New Albany, OH, as well as doing art festivals all through out the North East. He has exhibited in renowned shows such as the Clothesline Festival in NY, he was an emerging artist in the Columbus Arts Festival in OH, and won best in show at Artists Row in NY. He currently works as the route setter and graphic designer at the Columbus climbing gym, Vertical Adventures, and is always traveling for art festivals, hiking, climbing, and just to be out in nature!

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Everything in the natural world. Trees, the early morning sunrise, water as it trickles through rocks in a small stream, the wind. Breathing deep and enjoying the serenity you can find outdoors.

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The chance to spread my love for simplicity and finding happiness in nature to people all over the world.

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