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rachel toxic

Orlando, FL


Rachel Toxic is an artist out of Pittsburgh, PA. Her art mashes together special effects horror elements with pop culture influence, and her own stream of consciousness. She uses a range of mediums from acrylic to airbrush to sculpting. ”I am a huge horror nerd. So that along with inspiration from whatever else is swirling around in my head come together to make my art.” In 2006 Toxic teamed up with I Love Vagina clothing co. and began touring on Ozzfest, Mayhemfest, and various other music festivals as well as selling at adult and horror conventions across the U.S. It was during this time that she began expanding her own brand creating an apparel line out of her artwork. Her apparel has been featured on the DVD covers of and in the adult film releases Burning Angel’s LA Pink, and Belladonna’s Hell’s Belles. “I’ve kinda got a little cult following in the worlds of porn and metal and I totally dig it. Being out on the road I got a lot of exposure and learned everything I know from I Love Vagina. People were really liking my stuff at the concerts as well as at the adult shows. My shirts and things were ending up on bands and porn stars. A few of my custom pieces, dresses and tanks, were used on the cover of adult films. So it became pretty clear to me that I had something I should expand on.” Since graduating from Tom Savini’s Special Effects Make-up program her brand has done just that. Adding elements of the effects industry to her artwork and apparel as well as making masks, busts, sculptures her brand continues to grow. “I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and putting my stamp on the horror world… and anywhere else that’ll take me.”


horror, pop culture, punk rock


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