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Artists General Participation Rules

  1. Must have participated as a RAW artist in the 2012 season in one of the 54 RAW locations across the U.S
  2. Must be registered on the RAW website with a complete profile by October 1st 2012
  3. No “Donor” artists will be permitted to participate
  4. No artists with balances due to can participate, if a RAW artist wish to settle their balance in order to participate, they may contact their showcase director for further instruction
  5. If an artist has participated in one or more RAW shows in more than one RAW city, the first show/city in which the artist showcased with RAW will be the one in which they compete and are judged under. (Example: Artist Van Gough showcased in Hollywood in February and Los Angeles in June. Hollywood is Van Gough’s “Home Showcase City” in which they will be competing in.)
  6. If a RAW artists’ “Home Showcase City” is no longer in operation, the RAW artist may still compete in a nearby city. These conversions will be determined by RAW Headquarters.

RAW Artist Online Profile Regulations

  1. All RAW:Artists in every category are permitted to upload up to (5) photos, (2) Mp3s and (1) video. This video cannot exceed 5 minutes with the exception of the Filmmaker category.*
  2. All RAW:Musicians will be judged a maximum of (2) MP3s
  3. All RAW:Filmmakers will need to upload and be judged on the (1) film that was showcased at the RAW event. This film can exceed 5 minutes.
  4. All RAW:Artists should upload an artist bio/statement


Online Voting Rules

  1. The 2012 RAWards National Online Voting will take place from October 1st at 12 midnight (PST) to October 15th at 11:59PM (PST)
  2. Online voters are allowed a total of 9 votes per day, one vote per category (e.g. 1 film vote, 1 art vote, 1 music vote, etc ...)
  3. The voter can choose to vote for one artist per category, per day.
  4. Each voter will require a valid, registered email address.
  5. Entering invalid email addresses will disqualify one's vote. Votes accumulated via fraudulent email addresses will also be disqualified.



RAWards Directors Vote

During the first round (October 1st-15th), the RAW community, friends and supporters vote for two weeks on the RAW web site for their favorites in each category. These results count for 50% of the decision. After the online voting is complete, RAW City Directors will be responsible for casting their vote in each category, in their respective city. This vote counts for the other 50%, narrowing down the top 5 semi-finalists in each category, in each city. These finalists go on to compete in the Semi-Finals Show in their city.


Attendee Rules 

  1. Each RAWards Semi-Final attendee will be given a total of 9 votes, one per category, these votes will be handed out upon arrival with instruction
  2. Each attendee will get to examine all performances, work and displays before voting if they choose so
  3. The attendees 9 votes cannot be exchanged, traded, or given away. If a participant is seen doing this, their votes will be revoked and disqualified
  4. The attendee must place their vote with the RAW artist in which they are choosing to vote for 


RAWards Semi-Finalist Rules 

  1. RAWards Semi-Finalist must create their own display to represent them at the showcase, EVERY Semi-Finalist must have a display
  2. This display could be a person, a scene, a body of work or a booth
  3. The size of the display will be determined by the RAW Showcase Director
  4. RAWards Semi-Finalists will need to collect their votes at this display location
  5. The display cannot be mobile, even if it is a person
  6. Votes will need cast and stay at this location for the entire showcase from doors until the Showcase Director collects them for counting
  7. City Winners will be announced live at the showcase (e.g. RAW:Portland Musician of the Year)


The official RAWards industry panel of judges will evaluate approximately 50 finalists, one from each category in each city via their online RAW profile.

Both RAW Showcase Directors and the official RAWards Industry Panel will use the same criteria when grading. The judges will grade on a scale of 1-10. Final scores will be tallied in both cases to determine the winner in that category. In the event that there is more the one judge, the scores will be combine to determine the final scores and, in turn, the winner. 

The judging criteria are as follows: 

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality
  3. Professionalism and Presentation
  4. Star Quality/Wow Factor
  5. Skill/Quality

Questions? Write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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