I am an Arts Consultant and Arts Administrator. Let me help you move your business FORWARD.

motivateArt is NY/Miami based agency catering to the business and career needs of artists and creatives.

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motivateArt assists arts individuals, businesses and organizations in realizing their artistic and business visions while creating organization and structure as a solid foundation for success.

Founder Jennifer S. Heslop is an arts consultant to new and transitioning entrepreneurs focusing on business development, brand identity and action strategies.  motivateArt also presents an informational lecture series educating artists on effective business practices.

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motivateArt is offering all Raw Artists a free 30 minute conversation/ evaluation between the founder, Jennifer S. Heslop and the artist.  

We will assess what your dreams, needs and goals in regards to your career and/or your business as an artist and whether motivateArt can be your cheerleader while creating an action plan to move you forward towards making your goals possible and profitable!

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