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Ray Cornett

Sacramento, CA


My name is Ray Cornett. I am a self-taught photographer from Sacramento, California. I come from an artistic family and have been doing some form of art for as long as I can remember.From drawing to painting, pottery and photography. Although I do still have an interest in all of those my focus,no pun intended, has pointed more toward photography. My first attempts at photography started at about the age of ten shooting anything I found interesting from flowers to people to inanimate objects with an old Kodak Brownie I purchased for two dollars at a garage sale. Then, in my early teen years I moved on to my parents Yashica Electro 35 35mm camera which I seemed to have commandeered and still have to this day. In 2001 I began to do photography on a professional level shooting models for fashion, glamour, the occasional wedding. However, my passion has always lied in the more fulfilling artistic side of photography. My subjects of interest vary widely but my focus is to provoke thought, get people talking, make the viewer see things in a different way and hopefully inspire others to be creative whether it be through photography, drawing or another creative visual art form.


The world around me and its people.


The variety in artists and that its not just about the seasoned pro.


Art, Photography