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Renee Oglesbee

Austin, TX


It is my belief that the urge to create is inherent in human nature; it’s built into the essence of who we are as a species. Art is but one form of expression of that creative instinct of which there are as many forms as there are human beings on this planet. We all have the desire to both create and express. We all have talents, often untapped, latent, as a basis of our own unique expression. Art happens to be mine. Art is not only the outward appearance of a thing; it can be an artist's internal interpretation of an outward appearance which makes all the difference in the presentation. The goal I have in mind for the creating or capturing of an image as art is that it express externally what I experience internally. I spontaneously, without instruction, began graphite drawing in October, 2011. I went on to do photography in May, 2012 and began painting in July, 2012. So I have only been at this for a couple of years. I was heavily influenced by the strong, simple lines of Patrick Nagel's work. Slowly my work is becoming less defined and more fluid in nature. I just never know what's next! Please visit my website at


ART....ART....and more ART!


The authenticity and vulnerability of my precious connections to other human beings....the fact that RAW is bringing together so much talent....helping emerging artist's gain the recognition from admirer's of our craft. The craziness that happens when you put so many artist and performers in one place!


Allowing life's events to deeply and profoundly affect me....the innocence of a child....nature.