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Ruby Von Blush

Kansas City, MO

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Owner of Ruby Blush Boutique Salon in Liberty Missouri. Gretchen Blanford, who also goes my the online professional persona of Ruby Von Blush has created her own style of new vintage looks by specializing in the pin up scene. The salon caters to not only the everyday man and woman but many performers in the arts, models and burlesque divas! Ruby, works closely in the fashion community and does both Hair and make-up for Fashion shows and photo shoots all over the city. Originally from the Northwest of Washington, she has been working hard to saturate the Kansas City area with glorious fun color and the type of service every person deserves. Ruby is also accredited as a certified Master Colorist by the American Board of Certified Colorist since 2005, one of about 3,500 nation wide. She describes working with make-up like "painting with people". Indeed living art... from the basic flawless beauty to theatrical splashes of creativity her work can be scene in many varying places. As an animated character herself she enjoys modeling and participating in local fundraisers for the community and donating services to help ongoing causes to improve our economy. Credits Photographers: Rocket Box Brad Austin, Drew Orrin-Brown, Gene Star Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories: Evil Pawn Jewelry, Oblivion Clothing, La De Da Boutique Models: Faith Evangeline, Tessa LeTaunt, Haley Erickson, Robin Ussher, Laura Kissinger, Jessica Stockton. Additional Hair Styling Help: Marty Serroque

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Raw is known for spotlighting the inner beauty. The artist who is creating for the simple love of the art... No matter what medium they choose. It's a beautiful thing to be a part of.

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Family, friends, talent filled music and amazing FOOD! I draw energy from the amazing people in my life. They are who paint my success and they are who I do it all for. Without the ones we love we are empty.

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