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Zena Moses and Rue Fiya

New Orleans, LA

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Zena Moses & Rue Fiya is the essence of New Orleans music..Gumbo! Great New Orleans musicians with Zena Moses on vocals. You never know who or what you will get! Soul, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Second, and Blues. The true Gumbo of New Orleans music. Just like the diversity of the city Rue Fiya has a little of everything. A show to be seen. The energy of Rue Fiya has not been met yet.

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Big Sam and the Funky Nation, Charmaine Neville, Irma Thomas, Tank and The Bangas, Icon, Asia Rainey, Damian Neville, Reggie Houston, Sol, Abney Effect. All Genre's of music and different types of Artist inspires the group.

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The group's favorite thing about RAW is the diversity the program offers to artist. We also like the fact that RAW offers independent artist the chance to showcase their talents in front a new and diverse audience.

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The band's mutual interest is spreading the love of music and being vessels to change lives through song. We all want to be the best we can. Rue Fiya also have done and will continue to do workshops in schools and other institutions or non-profit programs to help the youth follow their dreams, whatever they may be.